Welcome to Strive For More!  Where we believe in fostering a world in which we treat each other respectfully, inspire each other to be great, and follow our hearts.  Our mission is to provide a world class holistic coaching experience to deepen the well-being of individuals and corporations.

We were founded by Steven Nathenson who underwent a life-long journey of triumph and loss to listen to the little boy who had known what was best for him and his heart.  It was this journey which instilled a visceral need within him to help others do the same and create their own well-being.

Here at Strive For More we celebrate the uniqueness of who you are and believe in embracing it to achieve well-being.  There is a passionate fire within all of us which will light our path; you have the courage to follow it.

Our world class holistic coaching experience is individually tailored to meet your needs and fuel your passion.  It incorporates best practices from professional coaching, industry leading fitness and nutrition principles, career development, leadership development, relationship management, team & organizational development, and motivational speaking.  Each component helps to create our three pillars of well-being:

  • Physical Fitness – physiologic well-being through exercise and nutrition;
  • Personal Development – Internal well-being through self-awareness, reflection, and growth; and
  • Interpersonal Development – Relational well-being through social awareness and management.

We serve athletes, children, leaders, mothers, athletic and corporate teams, and those undergoing a life transition.  Contact us to learn more and schedule a free thirty minute consultation so you can get to know us and we may have the pleasure of meeting you.

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