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Physical Fitness

Leadership Coaching

Helping leaders grow themselves and organizations in five key areas: personal development, organizational strategy and execution, employee engagement, leadership, and communication

Personal Development

Personal Coaching

Helping individuals get started, gain clarity, and making their vision of the life they desire a reality.

Interpersonal Development

Athletic Team Coaching

Helping athletic teams grow in five key areas: mental toughness, leadership, motivation, team unity, and communication.

Interpersonal Development


Helping individuals, teams, and organizations through engaging and inspirational keynotes.

Interpersonal Development

Running Coaching

Helping runners get stronger, faster, and have their best race yet while avoiding injury.

Interpersonal Development

Pet Care

Our sister comapny, Pittsburgh Pet Care, ensures the emotional, physical, and environmental well-being of companion animals through world-class pet care and the development of positive reinforcement pet care businesses.

Who we have served globally so far:

High school, collegiate, and amateur athletes; graduate students; individual contributors up to and including, but not limited to CEO, President, Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Branch Chief, Division Chief, Section Chief, Chief of Staff, Director, Manager, Supervisors, Head of Sales, Client Executive, and Client Lead from, but not limited to:

Facebook, LinkedIn, Slack, Thumbtack, TDK, IBM, Google Fiber, Salesforce, CapitalOne, American Express, The Compass Group, Deloitte, EllisDon, Steel City Pack Leader, Allegheny County, NETL, NTSB, EPA, Duquesne University, University of Pittsburgh, Westminster College, Seton Hill University, Capella University, Ringgold High School, and SV Burggrafenhof of the Germany amateur soccer league Kreisliga Stafel II in:

The United States, Canada, and Germany.

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Are you worried about where the money is going to come from to support yourself and your family or the impact the stock market is having on your savings?


Are you concerned about being able to put food on your table or if you are getting furloughed or laid off?


Are you concerned about meeting the expectations work is still holding you accountable for or trying to stay afloat and serve your customers as a business owner?



If you are, you are NOT alone!    We've heard these concerns from our clients just like you, and helped them do what's best for them!



Have you struggled with connecting with your team and feeling isolated or balancing your kids and pets being home while trying to work efficiently?

Have you found communication to feel forced or struggled to find the best way to interact with your team or direct reports for important conversations?

Have you been worried about your health and safety, and that of your loved ones, and uncertain of how to proceed and plan for how long social distancing will last?

If you have, you truly are NOT alone!  We've heard these concerns from our clients just like you, and helped them overcome these obstacles and plan accordingly!



At Strive For More, we know how challenging this crisis has been for us all at home, at work, and for our livelihoods.  In these uncertain times we are offering some clear-cut certainty - WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!  And we are giving away coaching sessions for FREE.  That's right, FREE!  Book your first coaching session with us now and it is on us.



Click here to schedule a 45 minute coaching session with me right now.



Our clients have reached out to us for help and we HAVE helped them overcome these challenges, just as we know we can help you too!



And it gets even better!



We believe so much in our ability to help you create certainty in the face of the unknown, adjust to working from home while juggling your kids, figure out how to not feel isolated from work, communicate effectively, and keep your mindset right amidst the unstable stock market and the lingering unknown of when we'll get back to business as usual; we are offering FREE MONTHS OF COACHING!  Yup, you read that right - FREE MONTHS OF COACHING!


If you want to continue coaching after your free session on us, we are giving away 1 FREE MONTH of coaching on a 3-month coaching package and 2 FREE MONTHS on a 6-month coaching package for you or your organization.



Click here to schedule a 45 minute coaching session with me right now.


Get our FREE Effective Communication guidelines here!


Get our FREE getting through COVID-19 G.R.I.T. workbook here!


Join our FREE getting through COVID-19 conversation on Thursday April 9th here!



We look forward to helping you through these challenging times!  Stay safe and healthy!



Steven Nathenson
CEO & Founder
Strive For More


Welcome! We look forward to helping you and deepening your well-being!

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