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“When Steve and I first spoke, I loved that our conversation within itself was a coaching session. We had an instant connection. I greatly appreciated how helpful he was when it came to my financial constraints.

The best thing that stood out for me, was finding my true purpose. When we started talking, I didn’t even know what I wanted out of life. I felt stuck. I had multiple fears that I just couldn’t overcome.

Throughout all my struggles in life, I now know what it means to find happiness, re-connect with myself, and build boundaries that have helped me improve my relationships with others. This was a life changing experience for me. I highly recommend Strive for More®.”

Tino Founder of The Sophisticated Man

“When I first met Steve, I felt like we had an instant connection, and I knew I wanted to work with him. We both had backgrounds in athletics and with him being around the same age as me, I felt as if we were similar in a lot of ways – we are both creating our dream businesses on our own! With Steve’s help I was able to gain clarity in so many different areas of my life. Most noteworthy, helping me come up with my own personal niche in the coaching industry. I would not have been able to come up and follow through with this without Steve’s help. Steve’s easy-going sessions with powerful questions has helped me come up with a lot of insights in my own personal life and leverage a lot of my own “pain points” that I wouldn’t be able to do without Steve looking over my shoulders. I really enjoy Steve’s work because it is a healthy blend of expert coaching and education.

Steve is very knowledgeable and has greatly skyrocketed my growth with insights of his own in areas that I may have been a little unclear in. I have gotten massive value from working with Steve, most importantly I have really gotten a handle on my clarity and overall focus on what is important in my life. I highly recommend Strive For More® to anyone who is in a place where they feel their path is unclear, Steve will help you find the way. Working with Steve has and continues to be a pleasure, as I vouch for his coaching to anyone who is looking to improve their life.”

Lee AnnChief of Staff NETL

“Steven provided excellent coaching services, and I highly recommend him as a coach. Steven was able to tackle tough subjects and provide sound guidance to help me navigate through personal and professional challenges. Steven is patient and kind, and he is a consummate professional. During my time with Steven, I was able to evolve and grow, and I was able to work through and solve problems at my pace. Steven is also very organized, and he sent me appointments and reminders for my calendar, which helped me balance a rigorous schedule. You’re in good hands with Steven as your coach! I am grateful for the experience.”

Andrew Owner & Operator of Steel City Pack Leader

“I Found tremendous value in working with Steve. Before we started, I felt that I was stuck in a place where I didn’t understand how to move my business forward. I had what were not really problems, but some significant challenges that I was facing. Through this process I found that having somebody to be accountable to, somebody to talk to who will listen with undivided attention is very rare. Because Steve’s goals were to do nothing but help me. I found a very comforting sounding board where I could bounce ideas off him and not fear judgment ridicule or cause nervousness or uncertainty like if I were to talk to friend’s family members or staff. I was able to gain insight on my inner thoughts perceived by another human being in an unbiased fashion which is priceless. Through my process with Steve I have gained strength more confidence and achieved all the goals that we set forth at the beginning of the program. If you are in a place where you’re good at what you do, but may be having trouble moving forward or taking it to the next level. I highly recommend working with Steve on creating a tangible plan for progress.”

Hayato Duquesne University MBA Student

“Throughout my coaching session with Steve, I was able to develop valuable life skills and understand how I can leverage them in my professional and personal life. He helped me understand more about emotional intelligence, communication, and business strategy while focusing on my strengths and weaknesses. The way he conducts his coaching really focuses on your personality and life goals. While having conversations with Steve, you know he takes a holistic approach because he doesn’t want to just teach you important life skills, he wants to get to know your character and align that with the life skills you want to develop. This is something that I almost never see amongst my previous coaches, teachers, and leaders. He always goes above and beyond with each session as he provides you with helpful resources that give you valuable insight. Working with Steve has been an absolute pleasure and I definitely recommend his coaching to anyone who wants to further their personal, as well as professional skills, that you are interested in further developing. “

Lee Division Director, EPA

“The coaching sessions with Steve were beneficial from the very beginning. He is a wonderful listener, able to stay on point and pull out areas of focus to discuss in future sessions. During successive sessions those ‘parking lot’ areas were top of the list to get us started.

His manner, style of conversation, and ability to offer real-life supporting documents and information were extremely valuable in confirming what my thoughts and concerns were in management.

The knowledge and experience he exhibited during our sessions covered a broad range of management issues, re-assuring in that regardless of where our conversations went, he was able to confidently provide guidance to me.

I was able to implement, almost immediately, the guidance and advice provided during these sessions and that was one of the most valuable outcomes of our meetings. I would recommend Steve as a coach for anyone just getting into management.”

Cory Former Collegiate Quarterback

“When I first got introduced to Steve I did not understand why or what he really did. I wasn’t really sure I wanted or needed a Coach. During our first conversation, I was nervous and did not really give coaching a chance. As we continued to move forward, I started to trust him more and more and began to open up to him. Our conversations were extremely helpful and really allowed me to have a different outlook on life. He adapts each session completely to what I wanted to talk about. His experiences and background provided great insight to some of the things that I was going through and allowed for me to see different point of views. Steve answered the phone anytime I called whether we had something scheduled or not. He really helped me through some hard times in my life and I am very grateful! I would strongly recommend Strive for More® and Steve to anybody!”

AnneBranch Chief, EPA

“I had never worked with a personal coach before Steven, and it was such a good experience. As a new manager, I was struggling with ways to connect with my team. Steven helped me analyze the situation and identify my goals and vision for the group. He gave me ideas that I could implement right away, which boosted my confidence about taking on this new role. Steven’s approach was personalized and focused. Each session was helpful and structured to make the most of our time together. Steven provided helpful exercises and meaningful written material to support me. I found him to be intelligent, thoughtful and positive. I highly recommend him as a coach.”


“Working out and competitive sports had been a part of my life since I was 12. As I grew away from organized sports in my mid 30’s, I knew I needed a physical fitness routine which would be both motivating and challenging. That’s when I turned to Strive For More® and Steve Nathenson. With Steve’s carefully crafted workout schedule and personal profile adjustments, together we created a plan for success. While Steve worked extremely hard to craft a personalized plan, he also made sure to tailor the regime around my personal abilities and goals. Steve painstakingly worked my plan around specific dates to reach my goals at specific times. With Steve’s plan, I was able to successfully complete a demanding physical fitness competition. Along with my physical fitness plan, Steve also offered life coaching sessions. We discussed personal issues which led to a life changing epiphany and helped me mend personal relationships. Steve’s personal approach, compassionate nature and attention to detail culminate to create a leader with the willingness to go the extra step to ensure your success and happiness.“


“Steven proved to me that you can teach an old dog new tricks. When I started working with him, I was barely able to run a half mile. He helped create a personalized plan to assist me in reaching my goal to run 5k, a training program individually suited to my schedule and needs and it worked amazingly! He was incredibly supportive in helping me reach this goal and encouraged me along the way. It was helpful to talk about the plan with him, to check in with him after runs, and to have his encouragement, reinforcement, and push. He is extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and excellent at imparting the information he has, open to discussion and aware of the individual needs that I had. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.”


“Using Steve’s half marathon training plan, I was able to run my first half marathon at a pace much faster than I anticipated. I have always been physically active, mostly in weight training and HIIT, but never was much of a runner. It was not until I met Steve through work in the summer of 2017 that I began my journey to become an elite obstacle course racer and knew I would need some extra assistance from a professional who had more knowledge in running than I did.

I worked with Steve for the next couple months until we both left the company we were working at and I had to move due to job demands. I was running more frequently at this point and had signed up for multiple 5K and 8-mile OCR races throughout the fall and spring of 2017-18. By fall of 2018, I reached out to Steve for the idea of running my first half marathon and wanted to do it safely without injury but push myself physically to see where I stood when it came to running distance. Steve then by the goodness of his heart prescribed me a running plan that consisted of 3 days a week of running with all the bells and whistles. Steve also made the plan to work seamlessly with any obstacle training or weight training that is required for my other races.

Currently, I have run another half marathon, which I completed faster than my first using the same plan Steve had written for me previously. I plan to run a few more road races until I completely divert into trail racing and OCR. I will be using Steve to the most of his ability for tips and knowledge to support my current expertise and fitness level to become a more competitive athlete in the OCR realm.”

Tim Manager, NETL

“Right from the start, Steve and I hit it off. Perhaps it was our commonality in previous federal government service or our hearts for athletics, but it quickly became obvious to me that Steve was the Coach who I wanted to work with.

Our Coaching relationship couldn’t have happened at a better time, as I was transitioning into a very new position wrought with challenging interfaces with other organization leaders whose voices carried a lot of weight. Steve helped me navigate through my desire to stand my ground during immediate challenges to my efforts, while also treading lightly enough to ensure positive relationships could blossom. Steve helped keep me focused during some tough situations.

Fortunately, Steve was my Coach when I received the results from a 360-degree assessment of my leadership. Steve helped me analyze the results and develop a plan to improve upon 1-2 key attributes. He ensured that I took time to celebrate the positive results and didn’t jump straight to process improvements in the areas identified for improvement. A good Coach understands the importance of encouragement.

Finally, I would note that Steve was always flexible in response to my schedule, agreeing to meet in person or by phone, as the situation most warranted. I was completely satisfied with Steve Nathenson as my executive Coach.“

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