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Our coaching process is firmly rooted in evidence-based and real-world practices, including our signature approach of G.R.I.T. – Give, Recognize, Implement Time®, to actually DELIVER and MAXIMIZE the fulfillment of your goals and needs! We don’t rely on theory alone, we rely on what DOES get you the results you seek!

Everything we do is meticulously designed to maximize the effectiveness of coaching, including the length of our coaching sessions, the length of our coaching engagements, and the education and tools we complement our coaching with.

Coaching is most effective when it occurs on a bi-weekly or weekly basis & Coaching is more effective when it is combined with education.

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Our coaching engagement process is here to answer the question of “How does coaching work,” as well as, let you know what you can expect from a coaching engagement with us.

Here at Strive For More®, we know answering “How does coaching work,” “What coaching is,” and “Why should I use coaching” is very important for you. This is why each coaching engagement starts with Begin, a conversation to answer these questions for you, as well as, allow us to learn about you so we can serve your specific needs.

After we talk, we will send you a link to our Coaching Engagement Intake form to ensure we capture all of the pertinent details you are looking for from the engagement, which become the basis for measuring the success and ROI of the engagement.

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It is also very important for us, at Strive Fore More®, that we ensure what coaching is, how it works, and the benefits of it are clear for the individuals who will receive coaching. This is where *Chemistry comes into play. In addition, we want to ensure that the coachees and their coach(es) are in fact a good fit for each other, i.e., have chemistry.

Once all parties are on board, we will finalize the details, the fine print, and sign a contract for our coaching engagement together. This is our *Design step that clearly outlines the metrics we will use to measure the impact and ROI of coaching. After all parties sign the contract, we will Engage with the coachees and start coaching.

We, as human beings, naturally need Feedback to know how we are doing towards our goals. Coaching is no different. Our process – the difference you are looking for – ensures we measure the impact and ROI of coaching during the engagement instead of just at the end of it using the metrics we agree upon during the Begin and Design steps.

We use evidence based real world metrics to accurately measure the impact and ROI of coaching.

Lastly, we take one final look at the impact and ROI of coaching for the engagement as a whole to measure the Growth which has occurred. We also ask for your evaluation of us using our Coaching Engagement Evaluation form and discuss the next steps for continuing the growth you’ve experienced.

*Chemistry and Design look slightly different for large scale or on-going contracts, such as, coaching being offered to 10s or 100s of employees or students. For these engagements, Strive For More and the sponsoring organization will enter into an overall agreement designing the engagement as a whole before coaching is offered to the coachees. Notably, each coachee will still go through the steps of Chemistry and Design for their specific engagements with us.

What the Research & Real World Practice of Coaching Says About Why to Use Coaching

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