Our stories make us who we are. Sharing them with each other is what inspires us to be great.

Our Mission

Provide world-class coaching & Speaking to deepen the well-being of individuals and organizations.

Our Founder

Steven Nathenson, ME, MODL, PCC

Business and personal development coach and speaker

As a business and personal development coach and speaker, Steven Nathenson helps others communicate effectively, lead authentically, empower themselves, and develop high performing teams.  Life has taught him that people are at the heart of everything; and by taking a human approach, we can make our goals and desires a reality.  This lesson forms the very core of his coaching philosophy which centers around developing individuals and organizations through core components of human nature.

Steven began his career as an engineer in the energy sector and went on to become a Special Agent with the FBI.  After a successful career with the FBI, Steven took his passion for helping others into the world of coaching.  He has coached executives in private and government organizations, graduate students, athletes, and individuals seeking to empower themselves.  He has also returned to his love of learning and racing marathons and triathlons.

Steven holds two master degrees in engineering and organizational development and leadership; and has received two United States patents, five awards for his investigative work as a Special Agent, and competed at the national level in triathlon.  However, his greatest achievements lie in the success he helps others achieve.

Steven has coached individuals who have worked at, but not limited to: Facebook, LinkedIn, Slack, Thumbtack, TDK, CapitalOne, American Express, NETL, NTSB, and the EPA.  He can't wait to meet you too and help achieve the success you desire!

Our Vision

Foster a world in which we treat each other respectfully, inspire each other to be great, and follow our hearts.

Our Values

At Strive For More, we believe in standing by our values.  They are our guiding principles which make us who we are.  Here, we value:

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