The Art of Subtle Suggestion: How to have challenging, difficult, and uncomfortable conversations at work…and really everywhere else too! (Coming later this year!)


On an almost daily basis, I get asked how to have challenging, difficult, and uncomfortable conversations. While other communication resources exist, I’ve yet to find a comprehensive resource which shares the crucial information we need to know about how to communicate effectively, engagingly, and collaboratively, as well as, what that looks like down to word choice, non-verbal conveyance, typographical emphasis, the mindsets which impact our communication, and serve as repeatable reference through clear real-world examples to achieve the results we want from our communication. As a result, I am currently writing a book to do just that! To provide an adaptable framework for effective and engaging and collaborative communication which accounts for the individuality of those involved while increasing their comfort and confidence so we may more easily have challenging, difficult, and uncomfortable conversations.

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