Strive For More’s keynote talks deliver an engaging and inspirational message, helping individuals, teams, and organizations alike.  Our keynotes are designed to help:

  • Organizations transcend their competition, transform their organization, and make employees flock to them;
  • Individuals be more confident, combat negativity, and overcome fear;
  • Individuals and organizations make their goals and desired future a reality;
  • Teams seamlessly work together and perform at a high level;
  • Leaders build a legacy of greatness; and
  • Healthcare facilities, providers, and practices be efficient and above board.

Read more about our keynote talks below to find the right one for you.  If our keynote talks don’t quite meet your needs, give us a call and we will be more than happy to create a custom keynote talk for you which does meet your needs.

Watch and listen to Steven Speak.

NSA Speaker Showcase 2019

Today, even more than ever, trust is absolutely paramount!  Not just trust in those we work with, but also, trust in everyone around us for our health and safety.  Take a listen to what I learned about trust in the FBI.

DisruptHR Pittsburgh 2019

Watch Steven talk about lessons he learned in the FBI every organization should know about how to NOT get CAUGHT with a bad reputation!

A Day to Elevate 2020

We ARE in control!  Even when we feel there is disorder around us and the world is full of uncertainty, we CAN control how we feel, think, and behave.  Watch Steven speak about what IS in our control during COVID-19.

Daily Live with Aaron Hunt 2020

Watch Steven talk about real tangible actions we can take to help harness a  mindset and actions which DO serve us amidst COVID-19.

Peak Energy 4 Performance Podcast 2019

Listen to Steven talk about how to maximize postive energy from your surroundings for peak performance.

Lessons From A Former FBI Agent Every Organization Should Know


Get an exclusive look behind the veil of what it is like to be an FBI Agent and hear stories you won’t anywhere else.  Former FBI Agent Steven Nathenson takes you on a secretive journey which reveals lessons every organization needs to know.

Dive deeply into your calling, learn tools of the trade to build unwavering relationships with your employees, and unleash the untapped potential of your organization.  You will walk away with a game plan for transcending your competition, transforming your organization, and make employees flock to you.  Let loose your inner FBI Agent and win the hearts of your employees.

Whom this talk is for

This talk is essential for any organization wanting to transcend their competition, transform their organization, and make employees flock to them.

Learning & Takeaways

  1. Your culture is defined by your calling.
  2. The key to employee engagement & retention is inspiration.
  3. A human approach unleashes your organization’s potential and improves your bottom line.

Business areas this talk addresses

  • Talent Acquisition & Retention;
  • Employee Engagement;
  • Business and HR Strategy;
  • Organizational Effectiveness & Development; and
  • Employee Relations.

G.R.I.T.: A Former FBI Agent's Guide to Mental Toughness


Jump into the real-world heart-pounding action of making arrests, tailing suspects, and searching for evidence.  Enjoy the ride as former FBI Agent Steven Nathenson unearths the mental toughness needed to survive dangerous situations; G.R.I.T. – Give, Recognize, Implement, Time! 

You will explore your world and mentality like never before, learn the true meaning of grit, and discover how to your harness G.R.I.T. – Give, Recognize, Implement, Time in your life.  This talk will leave you feeling empowered, ready to combat your negativity, and kick fear to the curb.  Unleash yourself and get gritty!

Whom this talk is for

This talk is an absolute must for anyone who wants to be more confident, combat negativity, and overcome fear.

Learning & Takeaways

  1. Your “ups” and “downs” are a part of who you are and it’s okay for them to happen. You are not alone; we are all human and experience ups and downs.
  2. You have a choice to combat your negativity and be the way you want to be.
  3. Purposeful action and time bring about who you want to be.

Business areas this talk addresses

  • Self-confidence & empowerment;
  • Stress, fear, & worry;
  • Mindfulness;
  • Negativity; and
  • Concentration & focus.

Guiding Principles for Healthier Conversations


Communication is the lifeblood of relationships and success!  Our communication can make or break a relationship, team, or project!  However, all around us – from television to movies to real-life experiences – we see poor examples of how to actually communicate effectively.

During this talk, you will explore the shift from exclusive communication to inclusive communication, as well as, learn how to create a collaborative cohesive atmosphere during conversations rather than a de constructive one.  This talk is full of guiding principles which WILL help listeners create healthier conversations for an increase in collaboration and engagement.

Whom this talk is for

This talk is for everyone.  Communication is a fundamental component of every aspect of life, not just business.

Learning & Takeaways

  1. The shift to inclusive language from exclusive language is subtle but important and we are capable of making it.
  2. Miscommunication isn’t just on the other person, it is on us as well; however, there is a way to overcome what interferes with our communication.
  3. Successful communication comes from creating an atmosphere of constructive collaboration.

Business areas this talk addresses

  • Collaboration;
  • Effective communication;
  • Employee engagement;
  • Mindfulness;
  • Negativity; and
  • Stress, anxiety, worry, & burnout; and
  • Team work.

Know Yourself, Know Your Future


Beware!  This is a mission only you can accept!  Say yes and enlist the expert help of Former FBI Agent Steven Nathenson to unravel the mysteries behind achieving your goals and unlock the secrets to the success you deserve. 

Dive into the importance of basing your plan in core components of who you are, forming a strategy, and the timing and appropriateness of action.  Walk away with the tools to create the right plan for you and bring it to life.  Take control of your future!

Whom this talk is for

This talk is a necessity for anyone wanting to make their goals and desired future a reality.

Learning & Takeaway

  1. Action without a plan is a recipe for trying harder to no avail.
  2. Strategy is the foundation upon which success is built.
  3. Your plan must align with who you are.

Business areas this talk addresses

  • Self-belief;
  • Overcoming fear;
  • Creating a strategic vision;
  • Planning;
  • Time management; and
  • Efficiency.

Rise and Fall as One: A Former FBI Agent's Guide to Team Survival


Embark on an exciting expedition through time to unearth the core elements needed to build a winning team.  Ride along with your guide, former FBI Agent Steven Nathenson, as he takes you through real FBI experiences and success stories to uncover what teams need to perform at a high level, achieve success, and become one. 

Explore the foundations of forming a team identity which not only motivates your team, but also inspires them to be a part of something greater than any one individual; how to leverage your team’s individual talents for excellence; and creating a clear shared winning strategy.  Come away with a roadmap for uniting your team, motivating your team, and achieving excellence.  Be a part of something greater!

Whom this talk is for

This talk is essential for any team desiring to seamlessly work together and perform at a high level.

Learning & Takeaways

  1. Success lies in your people, not their talent.
  2. Your team’s identity and inherent motivates are defined by your calling.
  3. The roadmap to success starts with a foundation of awareness; mission & purpose; roles, responsibilities, & expectations; trust; and leadership.

Business areas this talk addresses

  • Team Cohesion;
  • Team performance;
  • Employee Engagement; and
  • Organizational Effectiveness & Development.

A Former FBI Agent's Guide for Inspiring Greatness


Strap yourself in and hold on tight as you plunge into the murky depths of leadership we often get caught up in.  Don’t let go!  Follow former FBI Agent and scuba diver Steven Nathenson and break free from the muck as he takes you on thrilling voyage to the crystal-clear waters of how to inspire greatness as a leader.

Explore what we really look for from our leaders, learn how to truly inspire others, and dive deeply into the journey we must go on first before we can help others do the same.  This talk will leave you ready to take on the world and arm you with what you need to inspire greatness within others.  Build your legacy of greatness today!

Whom this talk is for

This is the quintessential talk for every leader who wants to build a legacy of greatness.

Learning & Takeaways

  1. It’s not about you, it’s about them.
  2. What you do and how you do it matters.
  3. You can only take others as far as who have gone yourself.

Business areas this talk addresses

  • Leadership;
  • Communication;
  • Employee Engagement;
  • Business Strategy;
  • Organizational Effectiveness & Development; and
  • Employee Relations.

A Former FBI Agent's Guide to Healthcare Best Practices


Get VIP access to a covert scoop for applying best practices within your healthcare organization.  Join Steven Nathenson, former FBI Agent, as he unveils how his award-winning experiences investigating healthcare fraud will help you create efficient and above-board practices.

Get into the nitty gritty of what it takes to dot the i’s and cross the t’s, create an open and inviting culture, and engrain trust.  You will leave this talk with an immediately actionable plan to increase efficiency within your organization and lay the foundation for being beyond reproach.  Stand out above the rest!

Whom this talk is for

This talk is a necessity for any healthcare facility, provider, and practice wanting to be efficient and above board.

Learning & Takeaways

  1. Trust your gut: you know what is right and what is wrong.
  2. You are all responsible for being above board.
  3. The culture of your organization starts at the top but is built by all of you.

Business areas this talk addresses:

  • Employee Engagement;
  • Business Strategy;
  • Organizational Effectiveness & Development;
  • Team Effectiveness; and
  • Best Practices.

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