Have you ever felt so overwhelmed that you don’t even know where to start and thought to yourself “This is impossible!  How am I supposed to do this?”

If you have, we have news for you…

The good news: you are NOT alone!  Many of us struggle with this very feeling and thought.

The even better news: there is a way to get out from under them and move forward towards what we desire.

Our way forward lies within activating a deep visceral spark within us, propelling us to start our journey towards the life we desire.  A spark which not only comes from exploring what we truly desire to move towards, but also what we are moving away from.  It also comes from recognizing the way we currently feel, think, and behave.  AND, from accepting that it is okay that we feel, think, and behave the way we do.  We are inherently designed to let ourselves know when something is off and a change in life is needed.  These feelings, thoughts, and behaviors are just that.  They are not to be shoved aside and checked at the door.  They are what makes us us; what makes us human!

Exploring our current feelings, thoughts, and behaviors allows us to embrace the fact that we do NOT want to feel, think, and behave that way.  It also allows us to see how we want to feel, think, and behave, and embrace that we have a choice in feeling, thinking, and behaving the way we wish to.  Knowing we have a choice and there is a way forward towards the life we desire are powerful drivers which ignite our spark to create the change we desire in life and undergo our journeys to make that life a reality.

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