Knowing what we want in life is immensely complex and it continually evolves over time.  However, most of the time we focus solely on a single aspect of what we want in life, leaving out the rest, because of our current circumstances which make us unhappy, bringing to the surface the single component of our desires we are focused on.  During these times we are blinded by our focus and it is difficult to see past our “tunnel” vision.  This is where a vision can be truly helpful and reorient us along our journey to creating the life we desire.  They can bring us back to our path and keep us focused on the big picture of what we want.  Did you know having a positive solution-focused mindset has been proven to be more effective than a negative problem-focused mindset?

The most successful visions outline a detailed depiction of what we want in life and what our journey looks like to achieve our desires.  They cover not only ourselves, but those around us, and the environments around us.  They are also strategic in nature and outline reasonable time frames and milestones for us to achieve along the path to our desired life.  A true strategic vision of this nature takes time to create and starts with simply knowing what your basic vision consists of.

Can you describe your vision in a clear paragraph or statement?  If not, you may not be clear yet on what it is you want.  And that’s okay, there is time to figure it out!  On the other hand, if you can describe your vision in a clear paragraph or statement, you’re well on your way to creating a strategic vision.  Dive in!  Explore your vision further to find its details and the steps which will truly help bring it to fruition.

No matter where you are regarding your vision, having one will help focus and motivate you.  Especially if you have it committed to a visual you see every day, carry with you, or can be easily accessed.

Do you have a vision for the life you desire?  Have you found it difficult to achieve what you desire in life?  Perhaps it’s time to explore those desires a bit more deeply and form a vision of the life you desire, guiding you to achieving it.  Click here to schedule a free consultation with us, or call (412)420-0706.

P.S. We are here to help!  We know it can be daunting and overwhelming thinking about where to start or what to do.  So, we’ve created programs for you which meets you where you are and addresses your individual needs.  Take our quick free assessment by clicking here to see how we can help you today.

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