Do you jump from job to job or project to project seeking something greater which fulfills you, only to come up short again and again?  If you have, you are NOT alone.  We can often be drawn in by seemingly bright and shiny new jobs, cities, and activities in pursuit of our happiness.  But, until we truly understand ourselves, who we foundationally are, we won’t be able to truly decipher which pursuit is truly right for us.  This is the process of awareness.

Awareness is a deep exploration into ourselves to discover who we truly are, and what we desire in life.  The experiences of our lives define us and shape us.  They make us unique and provide us with great insight for understanding who we are and what we desire.  Furthermore, they can help us define our foundational identity.  An identity which consists of what we value, what we need, what our strengths are, what motivates us, what inspires us, what we desire to achieve; and what we don’t value, what we don’t need, what our growing edges are, what does not motivate us, what does not inspire us, and what we are not seeking to achieve.

Can you see how the experiences of your life have shaped your foundational identity?

Exploring who we truly are by defining our foundational identity gives us clarity around the path in life which is truly right for us.  And once we have clarity, we can begin to strategic define and outline the vision of the life we desire.

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Have you been worried about your health and safety, and that of your loved ones, and uncertain of how to proceed and plan for how long social distancing will last?

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We look forward to helping you through these challenging times!  Stay safe and healthy!



Steven Nathenson
CEO & Founder
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Welcome! We look forward to helping you and deepening your well-being!

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