Give Yourself Permission to be Human

In times of stress, crisis, and feeling like everything is happening to us, it is easy to get caught in a downward spiral of negativity.  It’s also easy to be hard on ourselves for getting caught up in it while thinking we shouldn’t be this way, but, it’s okay!  It’s okay to be human!  Giving ourselves permission to be human DOES help us embrace the positive side of us to achieve what we want.  Three (3) easy ways of giving yourself permission are listed below.


  1. It Is Okay! – We all have negatives and positives within us!  Believing we should not feel a certain way adds an additional layer of stress and anxiety upon us because we are denying a part of who we naturally are.  Allowing those feelings and thoughts to come forth, embracing they are a part of us, and knowing we CAN move past them to leverage what helps us DOES give us the power to do just that; create the mindset we want to have to leverage our positivity to achieve what we want.
  2. We Are NOT Alone! – Each and every one of us across the world has been affected by this crisis and face the same uncertainty and questions.  We truly are NOT alone!  Knowing that there ARE others who understand what we are going through and who can help and support us is powerful!  This knowledge DOES release the stress, anxiety, and feeling of being overwhelmed that comes with the isolation of walking a path alone.
  3. There Is Hope; There Is A Way Forward! – One of the most fundamental concepts we need as human beings to keep putting one foot in front of the other is hope.  We need to know there is a way forward and it is possible.  Without it, we can feel helpless and that what lies in our way is insurmountable.  Looking to others and seeing what they have done to overcome, and that they HAVE overcome, what we are facing gives us that hope.  Embracing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel DOES empower us to keep moving forward.

Recognizing We Always Have a Choice


In times of stress and crisis, it is easy to feel like we don’t have a choice and can only do what we can to get by.  As a result, we can feel trapped, like there are no other options, and we can only hope for the best.  However, we DO have a choice, and we ALWAYS have a choice!  Three (3) easy ways of embracing and seeing that we DO have a choice are listed below.


  1. It’s not set in stone! – When we believe something is set in stone, that’s just the way it is, or we don’t have a say in the matter, we put ourselves in a box.  We don’t see the choices we have as our thoughts and beliefs prevent us from seeing what’s there.  However, we do have a choice!  We can choose how we let others and the world around us affect our feelings, thoughts, and the way we behave.  Focusing on what IS in our control helps us recognize we DO have a choice and see what IS there.
  2. Focus on what we want – Focusing on what we want, the outcomes we seek, and the goals we have, are inherently motivating by putting us in a positive physio-psychological state through the activation of our parasympathetic nervous system.  On the other hand, focusing on the problems, obstacles, or issues we are facing has the opposite effect.  Switching our focus to what we want helps us achieve what we want and recognize we DO have a choice to achieve it.
  3. Our past is the key to our future – Our greatest source of confidence and belief in ourselves comes from our actual experiences; our past.  These experiences hold the keys to our confidence and belief as they show us we are not only capable, but we are also capable of doing it again!  Exploring our past experiences gives us the keys to knowing we DO have a choice as we’ve done it before.

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