Do you often think to yourself “I want…in life” but never find yourself actually getting it?  If you do, you ARE NOT alone!  Being aware of who we truly are, our foundational identity, and what we want from life as a result of it is only one step along our journey.  The next step is to acknowledge what we want by embracing what we want and accepting we have a choice in creating it.

Embracing what we want from life goes beyond simply stating this is what I want.  It is a deep acceptance within us which brings about a sense of peace and calmness; arising from knowing what we want for ourselves is truly the right path for us.  It also allows us to clearly define the vision of the world we want to create for ourselves, our mission in life, and our purpose in life.  Acknowledging what we want in life is the final step of gaining clarity around the life we truly desire.

Have you embraced what you want in life?  Can you clearly define your vision, mission, and purpose?

The second part of acknowledgment is an acceptance of the choices we have.  A fundamental part of being human is having both positive and negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  Creating the life we desire does not lie within removing or dismissing our negatives; rather, it lies within embracing that they are a part of us and that we have a choice when they arise to continue down their path against what we desire in life or move past them to step back onto the path towards the life we desire.  The choice is ALWAYS ours.  This is the final part of acknowledgement.  It solidifies our readiness and our will to pursue the life we desire.

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