Making History

Every time my phone rings, I hear two very excited announcers shout:

“Here comes Diggins!  [on the outside] Here Comes Diggins!  Diggins, making the play around Sweden.   [Yes yes yes] Jesse Diggins to the line… [yes] and it is Jesse Diggins [go] delivering [gooo!] a landmark moment.”

Jessie Diggins, United States Olympic cross-country skier, came from behind in the very last moments of the women’s team sprint freestyle event of the 2018 Winter Olympics to win the first ever Olympic gold medal for the United States in cross-country skiing, men or women.  Read about the heart-pounding conclusion of her race here.

Every time my phone rings, I am instantly served a massive dose of inspiration and transported back to the moment above – a moment which provides some great lessons we can use RIGHT NOW to come out of this pandemic ahead!  We all HAVE the strength within us and ARE capable of harnessing it!  Three (3) key lessons this moment in history teaches us, which we can easily apply, are listed below.


  1. Keeping the End Goal(s) in Sight – With everything that is going on in our world today, it easy to lose sight of the goals we have as the problems we face seem to take center stage and be at the forefront of our minds.  However, we HAVE a choice when it comes to what we focus on!

    During the final lap of the race Diggins came from behind to lead the racers as they came closer and closer to entering the final segment of the course.  However, on a hill, she fell back to third place again, which is where she had started the lap.  In this moment, she had a choice to make.  The very same choice we all have to make.  While I can’t speak to the thoughts which went through her head, I do know that when we focus on what we want, i.e., our goals and desires, and in this case winning the race, we put ourselves in a physio psychological state that uplifts us.  On the other hand, when we focus on the problem or obstacles in front of us, in this case falling behind to third, we put ourselves in a physio psychological state that keeps us down.

    This choice is and will always be ours to make!  Keeping our end goal(s) in sight, just like Diggins’ [safely presumable] desire to win a gold medal, WILL help us be motivated, take action towards it, and achieve it!  Every time my phone rings, I’m reminded of my end goals!

  2. There’s Always More in the Tank! – When we work towards a goal, run a race, or work on a task at work, we use both our minds and bodies in unison.  Every activity we do requires us to use both in varying ways, which begs the question of which one becomes our true limiter?  Meaning, are we truly limited by our physical capabilities or is it our mentality that holds us back?  For example, have you ever said to yourself “I can’t do this,” yet later, when in a clearer and calmer state, completed the task at hand?  Was it your physical capabilities or mentality which stood in your way of initially completing the task?

    Diggins’ win constantly reminds me, every time my phone rings, that even when we feel exhausted, think we can’t go on, and believe we are tapped out, there is always more in the tank to give!  In these moments, we have a choice.  A choice to either let what does not serve us keep us from achieving what we want, or accepting these non-serving thoughts are a natural part of who we are AND we CAN choose to embrace their opposites – knowing we have more to give – to achieve what we want.  The choice is and will always be ours to dig a little deeper, tap into what IS left in the tank, and achieve what we want.

  3. The Support & Help from Others is Paramount! – Importantly, Diggins did not win the race on her own.  The event was a two-woman relay in which both Kikkan Randall and Diggins played an important role.  Randall skied the first, third, and fifth laps of the race while Diggins skied the second, fourth, and sixth laps of the race.  As Randall pulled into the exchange area at the end of the fifth lap, she kept the United States duo in third place and fractions of a second behind Norway and Sweden.  This set Diggins up perfectly for the final lap of the race, and ultimately to win the gold medal.  A gold medal which took TWO to win.

    We can often feel alone in our ventures and that others have not gone through what we are going through.  However, we are NOT alone!  There ARE others who have gone through what we are going through!  AND, there are others who WILL support us, help us, be there with us, and elevate us to new heights to achieve what we want!  Building our support system is paramount!  One of the greatest and uplifting things we can experience when we don’t believe in ourselves is having someone who does believe in us!  It’s OKAY to ask for help and rely on others for support!  They are our rocks in our time of need and WILL help us achieve what we want!  The effort from both Diggins and Randall reminds me of this every time my phone rings.

Pro Tip

Getting our goals on to paper brings clarity, tangibility, and helps us keep them at the forefront of our minds.  While this is greatly helpful, creating an ever-present reminder of them (just like my ringtone) takes it to the next level!  What constant reminder can you create which unleashes your inner strength today, embodies the lessons above, and highlights your goals?  The choice is always ours!

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