Getting Some “Happy” In My Life

I’ve found that over the past few months I’ve watched a lot of Disney+.  From Mulan to Treasure Island and The Rise of Skywalker to The Parent Trap, I’ve enjoyed many nostalgic and relaxing evenings.  So many, in fact, that I began to question why that was.  I soon realized there was one key driver that kept bringing me back to Disney+…I needed some “happy” in my life!

Right now, we are surrounded by negativity.  Negativity in the news, negativity from the uncertainty we face due to COVID-19, and negativity from the hatred we’ve seen rear its ugly head in our country.  Simply put, I needed a way of balancing out that negativity by bringing more positivity, more happiness, into my life.  The release of Disney+ just so happened to give me a quick and easy way of creating that balance of happiness.

As I reflect on this even further, I find there are several key takeaways that we can all do to help create more positivity in our lives right NOW which WILL have a lasting impact on our mindset to come out of this pandemic ahead!  Three (3) key actions we can take to harness positivity – get some “happy” – in our lives right now are listed below.


  1. Bringing Balance to Our Outside Influences – The world around us greatly influences us.  From shopping trends to fashion to how we feel, think, and act, society and other people have a significant impact on us.  When all is well, that impact is positive; however, when we are facing times like we are today, that impact is negative.  Simply put, it is draining!  When we are surrounded by negativity, it is important for us to balance it out!

    There are really three options for us to create this balance.  The first is to bring more positivity into our lives, the second is to lessen the negativity, and third is to bring in more positivity while lessening the negativity.  Whichever way we choose, the goal is to create a balance in which we don’t feel drained, we do feel hopeful, and we are able to make strides towards the goals we have.

    For me, I chose option number three.  I stopped watching the news and started watching more Disney+ because of the stories their movies told.  Turning off the news eliminated a major source of negativity while watching the Disney movies I watched let me find my “happy” in life through the up-beat stories they told.

    Which option will you choose?  Bringing a balance between negativity and positivity in our life WILL create a stronger mindset and set us up for coming out of this pandemic ahead.

  2. Allowing Ourselves the Time to Get “Lost” in Positivity – One of the other keys I find to come from my experiences watching Disney+ is giving ourselves the permission to spend time bringing more positivity into our lives; allowing ourselves to get “lost” in positivity.  Right now, how many people feel like they have the time to sit down and watch movies?  Maybe we have kids or other responsibilities on top of work that require our attention, making it seemingly impossible to spend 90 to 120 minutes for watching TV.  However, time is a key factor in creating the above balance we were just talking about, regardless of how we choose to create that balance.

    Because most of our days right now are spent with negative outside influences or dwelling on the negativity that comes from them, it is very important to be able to “recharge” and interject positivity into our lives.  A mere five minutes of enjoying something that makes us happy just doesn’t cut it as it is often followed by more negativity.  Very similar to the concept of winding down, allowing ourselves the time to get “lost” in positivity ensures we ARE able to recharge and get enough positivity to counteract the negativity of the day.  The goal is to spend enough time with positivity that we get “lost” in it and before we realize it, we feel calm, relaxed, and at peace.

    Giving ourselves the time we need to calm down, feel relaxed, and feel peaceful WILL create a stronger mindset that allows us to continue moving forward each and every day with greater success.  How much time do you need to reach this state AND will you allow yourself to take that time?

  3. Interjecting a Bit of Nostalgia – In the times I needed the greatest amount of balance, I found myself turning to movies I grew up watching: Treasure Island, The Swiss Family Robinson, and The Parent Trap to name a few.  Each of these movies held a sense of nostalgia for me and inherently came with fondness, happiness, and good memories of time with my family.  In short, the nostalgic nature of the movies brought more happiness with them than just watching the movies themselves would have if they weren’t nostalgic for me.

    Thinking about happy times in our lives makes us happy.  This is due to the fact that when we recall events of the past, the major feelings and sensations we had from those experience come with them.  When we are trying to interject more happiness in our lives to counteract all of the negativity we are experiencing now, a little extra help can go a long way.  By choosing things that are nostalgic for us, we are giving ourselves an added boost and easier pathway to balancing out the negativity we are experiencing.

    What nostalgia can you bring into your life?  Fondly recalling the past through movies, TV, photos, music, etc. which invokes happiness WILL create a stronger mindset for us to come out of this pandemic ahead.

Living Our Own Hero’s Journey

Good books, TV, movies, and presenters all have one thing in common – a good story!  A good story draws us in, engages us, makes us feel what the characters are feeling, and live their hopes, dreams, and struggles with them.  This is what Disney is great at!  They know how to tell a story!

As I perused the breadth of movies on Disney+, I found myself constantly saying “That’s a Disney movie?”  I truly did not know or remember that so many of the classics I loved while I was growing up were Disney movies but, it makes complete sense.  What makes Disney great at telling us a story is a clear-cut proven pattern of taking us through what’s known as a hero’s journey.  In essence, this journey starts with a character who faces a struggle, obstacle, or challenge in their life and is called to embark upon an adventure into the unknown, leaving what they currently know behind.  On their adventure, they are faced with trials and tests which ultimately transform them to overcome their struggle, obstacle, or challenge.  Finally, our hero returns triumphant to what they once knew, e.g., the world they departed at the beginning of their story.

Just like the Disney characters we know and love, we too have a hero’s journey that we take in life and ARE CAPABLE of being triumphant!  Three (3) key actions we can take to live our own hero’s journey right now and come out of this pandemic ahead are listed below.  Actions, which each and every Disney movie I watch on Disney+ reminds me of.


  1. Listening to The Call – Our world HAS changed!  Plain and simple, the way we are living now is distinctly different than it was a few months ago.  With the changes and adjustments we’ve made come tiny feelings, sensations, and inclinations that are calling us towards something.  Whether or not we listen to that call, however, is another story.  Often, we brush aside the feeling of “there’s something off” because we can’t quite put our finger on it.  Yet, the more we brush aside this call, the more uneasy and unaligned we feel.  Ultimately, continuing to ignore this call can lead to being frustrated, unfulfilled, and affect our mood and the way we interact with others.

    If we give heed and listen to our call, we can begin to understand what it is truly driving us towards, leading us to embark upon our own hero’s journey.  Just as every journey has an end, every journey has a beginning, but only if we let it.  Listening to the call – the tiny feelings, sensations, and inclinations – we experience WILL start our journey and lead us to come out of this pandemic ahead!

    What feeling(s) of “being off” are you experiencing and are you giving yourself permission to listen to them?  Openly exploring them will unveil a path in front of you to embark upon your hero’s journey.  One way we do this is by thinking “I wish for…”  This wish is what we want to come true and what our journey will make happen for us; however, only by taking actions towards it will the wish become a reality.

  2. Finding Our Guide – None of the heroes in the stories we love go at it alone.  The same is true for us in life.  The support and guidance from others is paramount to making our dreams happen.  Whether that’s as simple as having someone believe in us or as complex as teaching us new skills to unleash our abilities is up to what we need.  Each of our journeys are different and each of our needs are different.  Whatever they may be for us, finding someone who will guide us along the way WILL help us create the triumph we seek.

    Asking for help can be a tricky thing for us to do, and so can accepting help that is freely offered.  In fact, we often initially see a reluctance by our heroes in Disney movies to accept help or truly listen to the guidance that is offered.  Nonetheless, our heroes’ guides stay the course and give our heroes what they truly need for them to walk their path.  A true guide empowers us, gives us what we need (which can differ from what we want), and allows us the space and time to truly learn the lessons we need to through the actual experience of them.  Having a guide like this in our lives right now WILL lead us to overcome the challenges we face and come out of this pandemic ahead!

    Who in your life serves as your guide?  Are you open to them and embrace the help they are giving you?  Are you so focused on action that the underlying message (which is the pathway to success) escapes you in the moment?  Taking a step back and “trusting the process” can greatly reduce our frustration, heartache, and stress.

  3. Unleashing Our Power – One of the other key elements we find in a hero’s journey is the unleashing of power.  From Elsa and her ability to freeze to Moana’s ability to be patient and discover who she truly is, each hero has something within them that gets unleashed.  We are no different!  Each and every one of us has a power within us that WILL help us achieve our goals!

    Sometimes, it can be hard to see the power we have.  And that’s okay!  That’s part of the journey – recognizing what is within us, and has always been there!  To tap into our power, we must first believe in ourselves.  Instead of focusing on the actions we want to take, we look inwards to what makes us who we are, what we have gone through in life, and what strengths lie within us.  Through this, we are able to embrace the power we have and leverage it to take the RIGHT action that IS successful because we have now removed the mental roadblocks which stood in the way of us unleashing it.

    One way of doing this is to take a take a step back and remove us from the present, diving into the past, to see what strengths have served us well to create the success we’ve had.  This allows us to see what IS possible, what WILL help us now, and that it is nothing new; something that HAS been within is us all the time.

    What is your power?  Tapping into it and unleashing it WILL lead us to success and guide us through this pandemic to come out ahead!

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