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Have you ever just wanted to sit down!?

Me too!

In fact, Monday night, I felt like I just needed to stop what I was doing and sit down!  It just so happened I felt that way during a run…

I had been exhausted all day, I felt mentally drained, and it was over 90 degrees outside when I laced up my shoes and hit the pavement.  Sure enough, 2.5 miles into my run, the day got to me and I realized that I just needed to stop, collect my thoughts, and rest.  I literally plopped down onto the curb and took a minute.  In doing so, I inherently made a choice – a choice to listen to what my body was telling me it needed.  This choice, however, was about to get a lot deeper.

When I start a workout, I like to go non-stop and finish it without any interruptions.  A mindset which truly helps me reach my goals, but also a mindset which can be unforgiving.  As I sat on the curb, the question I now faced was which way was my mindset going to take me?  At the heart of this question wasn’t achievement or finishing my workout; rather, it was acceptance and permission – giving myself permission to be a human being and accepting what my body was telling me it needed.

If I accepted what my body was telling me and gave myself permission to be a human being, who needs to rest and reset (why we sleep), my mindset was going to serve me.  On the other hand, if I did not accept what my body was telling me and that it was okay to sit down, my mindset would be unforgiving.  It would cause me to be upset, down on myself for having to stop instead of running continuously, and leave me dwelling on it long after I got back home.

As I sat on the curb, I thought about my sweet-hearted 4-year old Vizsla Layla. She’s a loving and caring dog who is also very intelligent and strong willed. As a result, she is very good at telling me when she needs a break on our runs. She plops down into the grass, spreads out, and takes a break! As a dog, she actually has a leg up on us as she is wired to be very singularly focused on achieving one thing at a time. She does not go through all of the internal debate that we do, questioning our choices or actions. What she wants, she makes happen. So, when she needs a break, I know she needs a break and she is listening to her body!

When we’ve rested enough and start running again, she is more than capable of continuing on.  In fact, if we take our break at a point she knows is close to home, she finishes strongly.  She knows she is capable, embraces it, and gets uplifted from her goal-oriented mindset (e.g., getting home), just like we do as human beings!

Sitting on the curb and thinking about Layla helped me give myself permission to be human and accept that my body truly needed a break.  And, sure enough, I got back up, finished my run, and felt good about the workout that I did as it was the right workout for me on that day in that moment. When I find my body telling me it physically needs a break, I don’t view it as a sign of weakness, a disappoint, or a failure; rather, I view it as what has come to be known as:

“Taking a Layla break”

Each and every one of us are capable of listening to what our bodies are telling us, taking our own “Layla break,” and coming back stronger which serves us more than “powering” through it.  Right now, if you need to hit the reset button and rest, take a “Layla break” and you’ll feel right as rain.

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