Our physical health is important at every stage of our lives.  From childhood to adolescence to adulthood, our physical health influences the way we feel, the way we think, and can either help or hinder our immune system fight off viruses, such as the one we are all facing now.  As the news has aptly pointed out, there are underlying conditions which can make us more susceptible to viruses and the negative impacts they have on us.  Exercise and healthy eating have always been two key ways to improve and maintain our immune system.  It is NEVER too late to start, shift, or improve upon the way we eat and the exercise we engage in, especially as adults who are currently facing real risks to our health.  However, it is NOT a bleak outlook!  There IS a way to strengthen our immune systems and reduce/combat any underlying conditions we may have as individuals in an at-risk population.

One incredible and inspiring woman I know who CAN & DOES help women, 55 years of age and older, improve their health is Gwynn Lindler, Owner of Gwynn Lindler Fitness.

Gwynn Lindler

Online & in-home personal training, based in Franklin, NC, for a life without limits! 

Gwynn Lindler Fitness is for the active woman age 55 and above who wants more life in her years, look to the personalized, in-home, and online personal training of Gwynn Lindler Fitness!  Your lifestyle, activities, and interests are the foundation for developing a fitness strategy that enhances YOU and improves YOUR life. 

Gwynn’s fitness career began at her local YMCA. After several years on fitness staff, a new supervisor commended the care and attention that she gave to new members during their fitness orientations.  He pushed her into earning her first personal training certification, and she is glad that he did!  That first certification and love of personal training led to further certifications:  ACE Certified Personal Training; ACE Certified Medical Exercise Specialist; BioMechanics Method, Level 1; and Precision Nutrition, Level 1. 

Eventually, she followed her dream of opening her first mobile training business in 2011 serving women who valued their good health and fitness but did not want to go to the gym. Now in Franklin, NC, Gwynn offers personal training in the client’s home, online, or as a hybrid arrangement.  Her clients appreciate her caring, conscientious, and knowledgeable approach combined with encouraging and challenging training sessions. Gwynn Lindler Fitness seeks to support local organizations that improve and uplift the spirit and status of women.

Check Out Gwynn & Gwynn Lindler Fitness Now!

Gwynn is truly a kind, caring, and gracious soul! It’s an absolute pleasure to know her and see the impact she brings each and every day for her clients!

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