With everything that we have faced over the past few months and our stay at home orders, it has been easy to fall back into ourselves and/or feel isolated from the world.  For those of us who are introverts, it has perhaps been a blessing to be able to reduce the stress that comes from having daily interactions with others.  However, as we start to emerge from our homes, go back to the office, and be able to go to restaurants again, we face an increase in our daily interactions with others – a taxing feat.  Nonetheless, it is possible, as introverts, to truly embody who we are, reduce our stress, and increase our wellness while increasing our interactions with others!

One incredible and inspiring woman I know who CAN & DOES help people introverts improve their wellness is Sara Lewis, Creator of Introverts Emerge.

Sara Lewis

Sara is an introvert and entrepreneur.  For 10 years, she operated a boutique fitness studio in northern Virginia.   Currently, Sara coaches introverted entrepreneurs to get out of their own head so they can grow their business without changing who they are.

To learn more about Sara and Introverts Emerge, you can email her below or click on any of her social media profiles and website to the right under her picture.

Sara is offering you a free gift to help you hone your message, naturally attract more clients, and boost your sales!

Click here to take Sara’s “What’s Your Marketing Personality Quiz” to dive right in!

Check Out Sara & Introverts Emerge Now!

She has put together a great community for introverts to connect on Mighty Networks, which is pretty cool!  Reach out to Sara to find out more about it!

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