Our energy is a vital component to creating our health and wellness on a daily basis!  Whether it is our physical energy from the food we ingest or the energy our mentality physically creates within our bodies through the activation of different nervous systems, our energy influences our behavior, will power, and affect on others – just to name a few key aspects of life.  Understanding how our energy influences us, as well as, how we can maximize our energy 4 peak performance is a critical part of truly honing in on our wellness and living the life we want.  Notably, we are ALL CAPABLE of maximizing our energy and WALKING the path to the wellness we want for ourselves!

One incredible and inspiring woman I know who CAN & DOES help people improve their wellness is Jody Kennett, Creator of Peak Energy 4 Performance.

Jody Kennett

Jody created Peak Energy 4 Performance as a holistic high performance option that shifted the focus away from output and onto energizing the being, putting energy back in because it is only when we are fully energized at optimal states, that we can have peak performance. Peak Energy 4 encompasses health and well being in four key areas: body, mind, emotions, and environment. It’s about taking the everyday champion, the executive, the entrepreneur, parent, youth and giving them the framework and coaching to perform at their peak not just in body, but mindset, emotional wellbeing, and an optimal environment where they thrive! It is health and peak performance coaching that extends far beyond the body; it will train and coach you to be at your own Olympic peak performance in life, business, career, and leadership.

Jody brings a wealth of experience in the health industry with a diploma in Kinesiology from SFU, ACE Medical Exercise Specialist, and Precision Nutrition Health Coach along with 20 years as a personal trainer. After many years as a personal trainer she saw a pattern of people wanting and needing ‘strength’ and coaching for their life, their leader within, and leading others. This evolved into Jody becoming a certified Leadership, Confidence, Communication, and Whole Person Life Coach leading her to where she is currently completing the ICF PCC designation.

Today she combines the compliment of her two passions in health and leadership to energize and elevate people to be: in peak health and energy, their best self, and an extraordinary leader.

We must never forget that we are not human doings nor are the people in our companies, they are human beings and to optimize the output of your team, we need to energize the ‘being’ before the doing to produce peak health and peak performance.

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Check Out Jody & Peak Energy 4 Performance Now!

She has a great podcast too called Peak Energy 4 Performance. Check it out for some great insights on maximizing your energy, performance, and much more!

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