One of the largest components to our health and wellness we all do is eating.  We do it every day and multiple times a day, yet, it can be a hard thing for us to rein in and do properly.  Comfort snacks, grabbing food on the go, and eating what’s available to us are all easy to do; however, they are all also things which can hinder our health.  Typically, our comfort food is full of sugar and unnecessary calories; eating on the go leads to peaks and valleys in our blood sugar levels, rather than a constant state of it; and eating what’s available to us may not be the most balanced and nutritional choice for what we need in our diet.  Nonetheless, there ARE ways to shift the way we eat, the way we think about and perceive food, and the choices we make!  We ARE capable of eating healthily for us, and we CAN choose to keep up healthy eating habits!

One incredible and inspiring woman I know who CAN & DOES help people create healthier eating habits is Kiki Fkiaras, Founder & Owner of Living Well With Kiki.

Kiki Fkiaras – In Her Own Words

“Hi, my name is Kiki and I am the founder/owner of Living Well with Kiki. I am a first generation Panamanian and Greek with a passion for health and wellness. I grew up in athletics but did not have the best eating habits. It wasn’t until I graduated college and was in my Master’s program that I realized I could not exercise a bad diet anymore. Once I took ownership of my own eating habits, everything changed. My fitness performance improved, my confidence elevated and my relationship with food changed. Knowing the importance of nutrition, I developed an online nutrition coaching business that helps people learn how to eat as a way of life versus a “diet”. My goal is to live in your world and to help create those everlasting healthy habits that support optimal health and wellness.”

Check Out Kiki & Living Well With Kiki Now!

She puts on some pretty cool live cook along classes!  Check them out!

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