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Who else has gotten flustered, overwhelmed, and downright angry at the lack of decisions being made, or more specifically, the lack of communication about those decisions to us?  I know I have!  And that’s okay!  It’s part of who we are as human beings!  It is a natural reaction for us to be upset when we are coming down to the wire and don’t have an answer.  For example, having our kids go back to school in less than a day and still not having any communication from the school about their schedules, the classes they are in, and when they need to be logged on to take their classes (a very real example I witnessed this past weekend!)

This example is unfortunately all too common now days!  Even though this is frustrating, it does not have to be debilitating!  We CAN CHOOSE how we react in the heat of the moment, AND how it affects us beyond the moment.

“Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you.”

—John C. Maxwell

In the heat of the moment when we are upset, we actively have a choice to make.  We can either let that anger consume us, affect us, and impact the way we interact with those around us, the mood we are in, and our behavior, or, we can embrace it, acknowledge it, and move past it.  The choice IS and WILL ALWAYS be ours.

One key to making this choice is our awareness – knowing we are in a state that does not serve us.  Once we recognize we are going down a non-serving path, we can actively make our choice to counter it by engaging in what DOES serve us.  Whether that is breathing deeply, counting to 10, talking to ourselves to calm down, going for a run, listening to music, and/or physically moving away from what is making us angry, we ARE CAPABLE of overcoming our non-serving feelings!  This is another key to our choice – actively engaging in what does serve us and brings us back to center.

A final key to mention, but not least by any means, is permission.  Giving ourselves permission to be human and having a non-serving side to us.  When we embrace this humanity, it automatically lessens the stress, tension, and anger we experience.  Moreover, it makes it easier to engage in what does serve us, as well as, lessens the time it takes to come back to a calm and centered state.

In the heat of the moment, the choice IS and WILL ALWAYS be ours!  We ARE capable of embracing what serves us and controlling how we let circumstances affect us!

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