Part of our “The Art of Subtle Suggestion: Guiding Principles for Engaging and Collaborative Communication” series.

Whether it’s an off the cuff conversation or a planned one, we often go into it thinking about what it is I need to get or say.  When we do, we go into the conversation thinking about “ME.”  In other words, we’re focused on what I need rather than what I and the other person need collectively.

Going into a conversation thinking about “ME” inherently influences the words we use, the way in which we say them (our tone, pacing, pitch, inflection, etc.), and our body language.  Whether we intend it or not, this can actually have a non-serving impact on our conversation by talking at the person instead of talking with them.

A prime example of this is the telemarketer we’ve all spoken to who is solely focused on making a sale, talks over us, and doesn’t listen to what we are saying.  They are solely focused on what they need – making their sale rather than what it is we need, which is to provide a solution to a problem we have as their potential customers.

When we let go of “ME” and focus on “WE,” we have an inherent serving influence on our conversation.  Because we are focused on what we collectively want out of this conversation – our words, the way we express them, and our body language – we are naturally more open, inviting, and collaborative.  This comes across in a way that draws the other person in, engages them, and creates a feeling of having a conversation together instead of one person talking at the other.

Going into a conversation with a “WE” mindset WILL help us have collaborative and engaging conversations that leaves all parties happy, excited, and with what they need.  What do you need to let go of to switch from a “ME” to “WE” mindset for your conversations?

Pro-tip: Thinking about what “WE” collectively want to achieve ahead of the conversation can help greatly!

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