“I can’t seem to keep anything straight with the constant changes and demands that are being put on me right now and, I’m working more now than ever!  I’m completely stressed because my kids want time with me and don’t quite get the boundaries I need to do my work from home”

Sound familiar?  If it does, you’re NOT alone!!!

These are some of the most common challenges my clients are facing right now, just like you!  And just like you probably are, our clients are looking for an answer to all of this!  Well, you’re in luck!  Here, at Strive For More, we have a tried and true framework which has helped our clients, just as we know it can help you too, overcome the challenges they are facing right now AND, build their confidence along with it!

This process is G.R.I.T. – Give, Recognize, Implement, Time

What is G.R.I.T. – Give, Recognize, Implement, Time?

G.R.I.T. – Give, Recognize, Implement, Time is Strive For More’s signature evidence-based cognitive behavioral approach which gets to the very heart of what helps people be successful.  Successful in empowering themselves through building confidence.  Successful in overcoming negativity from within themselves and others, which serve as roadblocks to achieving what they want.  And, successful in creating the clarity around what they truly want and the right path for them to achieve it.  In short, it helps people stay focused, overcome, and achieve!

The Components of G.R.I.T. – Give, Recognize, Implement, Time mean:

  • Give yourself permission to be human.  We all have our ups and downs and are not alone in our struggles.  There is hope; there is a way forward!
  • Recognize we always have a choice and it is ours to make.  We can either let our non-serving thoughts, feelings, and behaviors keep us down and negative, or, we can embrace their opposites which serves us and carve our own way forward, lifting us up and keeping us positive.
  • Implement small steps to create small wins which lay a foundation and build the momentum upon which our success is built.
  • Time is needed to literally rewire our brains to lessen the neural pathways which don’t serve us and create the ones which do, helping us embody our new way of being.

G.R.I.T. – Give, Recognize, Implement, Time isn’t a one and done step-wise process; it’s a journey!

A journey which gets to the heart of what empowers us and helps us overcome the negativity which stands in our way of achieving what we want.  This journey is what we like to call “flipping your G.R.I.T. switch” because it helps people realize they HAVE what they need within them to reach their goals, and they ARE capable of using it, just like flipping on a switch.

Why is “Flipping Your G.R.I.T. Switch” Important?

Today, we are very action focused.  We want to see results immediately and are driven to take action right now, even if it is not the right action for us, we are not ready to take action, or it’s too much action at once.

Our actions – our behaviors – don’t live in isolation; they are tied to a number of other characteristics of who we are.  When we have thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and/or feelings which are tied to our behavior, solely focusing on what action to take does not get to the heart of what will make that action successful and help us reach our goals.  We must address the underlying thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and feelings that go along with it.  Furthermore, we need to address the support we give ourselves and what we tell ourselves, our self-talk (e.g., our communication).

Moreover, we aren’t the only ones who come into play.  The other people in our lives, as well as the environments we surround ourselves in, can affect the way we feel, think, and behave.

Flipping our G.R.I.T. switch, e.g., going through G.R.I.T. – Give, Recognize, Implement Time, is important because it helps us address ALL of the underlying characteristics of us, and the way others and our environments influence them, in order to achieve our goals and create the long-lasting success we seek.

Want Actions You Can Take Right NOW?!

In some of our prior posts, we’ve included some easy clear-cut actions you can take right now to help overcome the challenges you are facing.  Click on any or all of the links below to dive into easy small wins which lead you to success!

Give –


Recognize –


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Our Strive For More pledge to you during this time of crisis is:

“To provide free, short, simple, and actionable content to tackle the real challenges we are facing now.”

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