Sometimes in life we may find ourselves tired and frustrated by our jobs, our families and friends, or from social pressures put upon us.  It can feel overwhelming and monopolize how we feel and think.  And it can even affect how we sleep, perpetuating our cycle of frustration by further disconnecting ourselves from who we are.

But, it does not have to be that way!  There is a way out from under these feelings and thoughts; a way to get back to who we are and shape our present and future.  Creating the life we desire is a very personal journey.  It is ours and ours alone; and we can create the path of our journeys as we already have everything we need inside of us.

Starting our journeys is a process of igniting a spark deep inside of us to fuel our drive for creating the life we desire.  After which, gaining an understanding of who we inherently are (our foundational identity) provides clarity around what we need within our desired lives.  Acknowledging our needs and who we truly are allows us to further explore and define the impact our desired life will create on us, those around us, and our environments.  It forms the vision of our desired life.

Once we have a clear vision of our desired lives, we can undertake the process of creating our desired lives.  The first step of creation is forming a plan, laying out the path to our desired lives for us to follow.  Our paths begin with small steps and small wins, building confidence, changing habits, and melting away the barriers of our current selves to embody who we truly are.  As we progress along our paths, who we truly are comes forward and shapes our feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and more.  And as our paths come to a close, we take our final steps, overcoming any remaining hurdles, to make the life we desire a reality.

Creating the life we desire marks a new beginning for us.  Reflecting on how far we have come and where we started from helps solidify our embodiment of who we truly are and our new beginning.  With our new beginning comes new opportunities for growth.  Although our paths of creation have come to an end, the path of our lives have not.  What once seemed impossible is now possible!  It is these new possibilities which advance our journeys towards something more, in alignment with who we truly are, restarting our journeys to create the next new beginning in our lives.

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