Creating a Burnout Reducing Mindset

Our thoughts are powerful!  They can keep us up at night, bring us great joy, or stress us out with physical repercussions to our health.  Our mindset during this challenging time is no different.  Letting the increased work load, reduced work force, and ever-changing priorities dictate our mindset will lead us to burnout!  However, there are ways to shift our mindset to what serves us and reduced burnout.  Three (3) easy ways we can reduce burnout through our mindset are listed below.


  1. Starting the Day Off on The Right Foot – Waking up and thinking about all of the tasks or things we have to do, the stress of doing them, and being frazzled from the word go is draining.  It creates a physical and mental drain which leads to stress and burnout.  However, when we start off on the right foot, we can be more productive, more efficient, and have less stress and worry in our lives.  Starting the day off with what helps us relax, and brings calmness and peace to us, WILL reduce burnout.  When we start our day off with calmness and relaxation, we are already ahead of the game because we are in a much better head space to tackle the day then before.

    How can you bring calmness and relaxation to your morning?  By sipping coffee while watching TV, playing with your pet, meditating, or doing a crossword puzzle?
  1. Getting Away from The Problems at Hand – In our current environment, it is very easy to get overwhelmed with everything we are being asked to do, especially when we get “lip service” from our management that they understand we are overworked but don’t take any action to help lessen our burden.  It is natural for us to focus on these problems as they, rightfully so, bring out strong reactions in us.  However, it is when we continue to harp on these problems that we are kept in a physio-psychological state which drains us and burns us out.  On the other hand, when we allow our reactions to come out, embrace them, and chose to focus on the solutions we want to achieve instead, we switch our state of mind to one which keeps us in a physio-psychological state that uplifts us.  Getting away from the problems at hand by focusing on the solutions, outcomes, and objectives we want WILL reduce our burnout through our natural physiology.

    What trigger, cue, or reminder can help you focus on the outcomes you seek versus the problems you face?  Ever present visual cues are greatly helpful, such as, whiteboards, sticky notes, posters, and pictures.
  1. Eating an Elephant One Bite at a Time – Most of us are probably familiar with the question “How do you eat an elephant?” and the answer of “One bite at a time.”  But, how many of us actually remember to head it?  When more and more gets dumped on our plate, it is easy to feel like what we are being asked to do is too much and is not possible; everything is too overwhelming and too large to accomplish.  Similarly to focusing on the problems we face, this too keeps us in a physio-psychological state which drains us and burns us out.  However, when we break our tasks up into small manageable bites, we WILL reduce burnout because we now know we CAN achieve them and WILL watch them be achieved one at a time.  Focusing on what is possible and achievable keeps us in a positive physio-psychological state which empowers us.

    What saying helps you take it one step at a time?  Put one foot in front of the other?  Keep it simple?  Or, eat one bite at a time?  Using a saying, a mantra, helps us in the moment focus on what is manageable and achievable.

Our Strive For More pledge to you during this time of crisis is:

“To provide free, short, simple, and actionable content to tackle the real challenges we are facing now.”

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