Certainty Through Reflection

Reflection is a great tool.  It can help us create clarity, understanding, see new trends and perspectives, as well as, create certainty.  When we reflect on our strengths, what history has taught us, and the world around us at large, we can find the certainty we seek amidst a challenging uncertain world.  It is possible to put one foot in front of the other with confidence, knowing where it will take us, even if it appears we don’t know where our path is headed.  Three (3) easy ways we can help create certainty today through reflection are listed below.


  1. What Am I Good at? – What we’re good at – our strengths – provide great insight for us!  Reflecting upon them and how we use them gives us a boost of confidence as we’ve used them many times before to bring us success!  When we recognize what they are and how they help us, we can align them to our current situation and how they help us now.  Reflecting on what we are good at WILL create tangible actions we can take with certainty right now!

  2. Looking Back in Time – History teaches us many lessons and we often say “Hindsight is 20/20.”  There is a lot of truth to that statement, especially now!  When we reflect on history to see how we have endured through epidemics, pandemics, and other challenges our country has faced, we find certainty in WE WILL OVERCOME because we’ve done it before!  Reflecting on what has happened over time GIVES us the certainty that this too WILL pass and there IS a way forward!

  3. The World Around Us – One definitive certainty throughout this pandemic is that the entire world has felt its impact!  We are not alone!  The entirety of the human race is facing the same questions, and all countries have had to put measures in place, make changes, and adjust to the challenge we are now faced with.  When we reflect on how the world around us has handled this pandemic, we find certainty that there IS a path forward!  Other countries have shown us the way and paved the path for us!  Reflecting on the world around us WILL give us the certainty we seek knowing other have led the way for us.

Our Strive For More pledge to you during this time of crisis is:

“To provide free, short, simple, and actionable content to tackle the real challenges we are facing now.”

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