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To provide a list of world-class health and wellness professionals, whom we recommend, that can meet your every need.

What Qualifies Someone to be Recommended by Us

We, at Strive For More, hold individuals to the highest levels of ethical conduct, standards, and care and compassion for you.  We don’t simply qualify someone to be recommended by us based on their background and education, we gauge their eligibility based upon the kind of human being they are, their true passion for bringing world-class value to you, and their ability to do it!  The individuals we recommend truly are the best at what they do because of the care and passion they have for helping you succeed!  Specifically, we assess our recommendations on the 10 areas below:

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Health & Wellness Professionals We Recommend

Sarah Apgar

Founder & CEO of FitFighter

Sarah is the Founder of FitFighter, Army and Iraq Veteran, Volunteer Firefighter / EMT, All-American Collegiate Rugby Player, Certified Fitness Professional, and mom. FitFighter is a strength & conditioning system originally designed for the fire service, and adapted for professional athletes, coaches, gyms, and group training. Sales proudly support wounded warriors, fallen first responders and their families through the Stephen Stiller Tunnel to Tower Foundation. Sarah and FitFighter have been featured on ABC News, The Today Show, at the ESPN Women + Sports Summit, and most recently on Todd Durkin’s IMPACT Show Podcast. FitFighter clients and customers include fire academies and departments, performance training centers, gyms, trainers, and pro and amateur athletes from coast to coast, including the FDNY Fire Academy and San Diego Fire Rescue Academy. Sarah has an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College and a BA from Princeton University, and is a graduate of the Princeton Army ROTC Program. She lives in Port Washington NY with her husband, Ben Smith, and her two young daughters, Emory and Arlyn.

To learn more about Sarah and FitFighter, you can email her below or click on any of her social media profiles and website to the left under her picture.

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Kiki Fkiaras

Founder & Owner of Living Well with Kiki

“Hi, my name is Kiki and I am the founder/owner of Living Well with Kiki. I am a first generation Panamanian and Greek with a passion for health and wellness. I grew up in athletics but did not have the best eating habits. It wasn’t until I graduated college and was in my Master’s program that I realized I could not exercise a bad diet anymore. Once I took ownership of my own eating habits, everything changed. My fitness performance improved, my confidence elevated and my relationship with food changed. Knowing the importance of nutrition, I developed an online nutrition coaching business that helps people learn how to eat as a way of life versus a “diet”. My goal is to live in your world and to help create those everlasting healthy habits that support optimal health and wellness.”

To learn more about Kiki and Living Well with Kiki, you can email her below or click on any of her social media profiles and website to the right under her picture.

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Jody Kennett

Creator of Peak Energy 4 Performance

Jody created Peak Energy 4 Performance as a holistic high performance option that shifted the focus away from output and onto energizing the being, putting energy back in because it is only when we are fully energized at optimal states, that we can have peak performance. Peak Energy 4 encompasses health and well being in four key areas: body, mind, emotions, and environment. It’s about taking the everyday champion, the executive, the entrepreneur, parent, youth and giving them the framework and coaching to perform at their peak not just in body, but mindset, emotional wellbeing, and an optimal environment where they thrive! It is health and peak performance coaching that extends far beyond the body; it will train and coach you to be at your own Olympic peak performance in life, business, career, and leadership.

Jody brings a wealth of experience in the health industry with a diploma in Kinesiology from SFU, ACE Medical Exercise Specialist, and Precision Nutrition Health Coach along with 20 years as a personal trainer. After many years as a personal trainer she saw a pattern of people wanting and needing ‘strength’ and coaching for their life, their leader within, and leading others. This evolved into Jody becoming a certified Leadership, Confidence, Communication, and Whole Person Life Coach leading her to where she is currently completing the ICF PCC designation.

Today she combines the compliment of her two passions in health and leadership to energize and elevate people to be: in peak health and energy, their best self, and an extraordinary leader.

We must never forget that we are not human doings nor are the people in our companies, they are human beings and to optimize the output of your team, we need to energize the ‘being’ before the doing to produce peak health and peak performance.

To learn more about Jody and Peak Energy for Performance, you can email her below or click on any of her social media profiles and website to the left under her picture.

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Sara Lewis

Creator of Introverts Emerge

Sara is an introvert and entrepreneur.  For 10 years, she operated a boutique fitness studio in northern Virginia.   Currently, Sara coaches introverted entrepreneurs to get out of their own head so they can grow their business without changing who they are.

To learn more about Sara and Introverts Emerge, you can email her below or click on any of her social media profiles and website to the right under her picture.

Sara is offering you a free gift to help you hone your message, naturally attract more clients, and boost your sales!

Click here to take Sara’s “What’s Your Marketing Personality Quiz” to dive right in!

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Kelli O’Brien Watson

Owner of Studio 8 Academy and Co-Founder of Scriptor Publishing Group, Inc.

Kelli O’Brien Watson is a best-selling author, coach, presenter and the owner of Studio 8 Academy, an online holistic wellness center. In addition, she recently, she co-founded Scriptor Publishing Group, Inc., a publishing company dedicated to helping fitness professionals share their stories and publish their books.

Kelli holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Education and certifications in Personal Training, TRX and Youth Fitness. She is the author of Kelli’s Quips: Happy Thoughts for Busy People and Finding My Way Back to Me: A Journey of Self-Discovery. She has also co-authored several books, including, most recently, the Amazon best-seller, Author University.

She is a Platinum Level Coach for the Todd Durkin Mastermind Group and the Todd Durkin IMPACT Coaching Program, providing business and personal development coaching for business professionals around the world. 

Kelli is the recipient of the Accent on Excellence Award for her work throughout her community, and she presents, locally and nationally, on topics having to do with health, wellness, mindset and performance. In 2013, she was honored to be a presenter for the first TedXUtica program. 

Kelli’s mission is to create, motivate, support and inspire people to get stronger in their lives, inside and out. She does that with enthusiasm in whatever she pursues. However, she finds her greatest joy in the time spent with her family – Graeme, Marcus, Caitlin, Katie, Cameron and Kira – and their overly exuberant, and completely loveable, dog, Cody.

To learn more about Kelli, Studio8 Academy, and Scriptor Publishing Group, you can click on any of her social media profiles and websites to the left under her picture.  Kindly use the contact info from the website for the organization you wish to connect with Kelli about.

Gwynn Lindler

Owner of Gwynn Lindler Fitness

Online & in-home personal training, based in Franklin, NC, for a life without limits! 

Gwynn Lindler Fitness is for the active woman age 55 and above who wants more life in her years, look to the personalized, in-home, and online personal training of Gwynn Lindler Fitness!  Your lifestyle, activities, and interests are the foundation for developing a fitness strategy that enhances YOU and improves YOUR life. 

Gwynn’s fitness career began at her local YMCA. After several years on fitness staff, a new supervisor commended the care and attention that she gave to new members during their fitness orientations.  He pushed her into earning her first personal training certification, and she is glad that he did!  That first certification and love of personal training led to further certifications:  ACE Certified Personal Training; ACE Certified Medical Exercise Specialist; BioMechanics Method, Level 1; and Precision Nutrition, Level 1. 

Eventually, she followed her dream of opening her first mobile training business in 2011 serving women who valued their good health and fitness but did not want to go to the gym. Now in Franklin, NC, Gwynn offers personal training in the client’s home, online, or as a hybrid arrangement.  Her clients appreciate her caring, conscientious, and knowledgeable approach combined with encouraging and challenging training sessions.

Gwynn Lindler Fitness seeks to support local organizations that improve and uplift the spirit and status of women.

To learn more about Gwynn and Gwynn Lindler Fitness, you can email her below or click on any of her social media profiles and website to the right under her picture.

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Carrie Armacost

Owner of CareFit Studio

Carrie built a fitness facility that would instill her dream of empowering individuals to discover their full potential physically, mentally, and spiritually. Creating a “fitness safe-house” where individuals attain healthier lifestyle habits and fitness goals through genuine support & accountability! 

Carrie’s approach to helping others is centered around: Humility, Gratitude, and Faith based core values. These values include: C – Community A – Accountability R – Results E – Empower F – Focus on Fitness I – Integrity T – Team

Carrie S. Armacost – Owner CareFit Personal Training Studio
Head Performance Trainer and Small Group Fitness Coach
Endurance Sports Athlete – 9x Consecutive Boston Marathon Finisher Previous Triathlete – Olympic Distance up to Half-Ironman 

College All-American Athlete

Avid Golfer
TPI Fitness Level 2 Certified / TRX Black Rank Coach

FitFighter Pro

To learn more about Carrie and CareFit Studio, you can email her below or click on any of her social media profiles and website to the left under her picture.

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Lori Sawyer & Caren Boscaino

Creators of Clean Cut Fitness & Nutrition

Clean Cut Fitness & Nutrition was founded by 2 moms from NJ.  As training moms coming back from having babies, they discovered extreme nutrition programs, yo yo diets and a lot of lost mammas!  So they decided to figure out a way to have their coffee, cream, butter, tequila, bacon and wine, and still lose weight!

They have created a clean eating give and take program that not only works, but can be maintained long term.  Their approach to clean foods, combined with education has been a huge hit with moms all over the country.  

They are now virtually based and their programs can be done anywhere in the world! 

Their first book, Shrink Your Body, Grow Your Mind is now on amazon.  They have been seen on The Joe Piscopo show and Liquid Lunch With John Tobacco.

As a free gift to you, Lori and Caren would like to give you 3 free Clean Cut immune boosting recipes by clicking here.

If you are a small gym owner and are looking to bring nutrition to your clients, please email Lori and Caren about their gym affiliate program using the email below.

To learn more about Lori, Caren, and Clean Cut Fitness & Nutrition, you can email them below or click on any of their social media profiles and website to the right under their picture.  Follow them on social media to grab tips, hints, recipes, and more!

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Kieran Diorio, Perception Sales Coach

Founder of Point A Coaching and Consulting

I was making more comp than ever, but was constantly frustrated and exhausted. I worked like crazy to crush my sales goals, only to constantly struggle with my personal life.

When I turned my attention to my health and home, my work results would nose dive.

Some days, I dreaded going into my office– others, (hard to admit) I dreaded the sound and sight of my garage door opening…

Sales folks: are you ready to get it ALL right? Balance is a cliche, but for high-performing sales people, equilibrium is possible- and the path forward. I discovered this path after many years of seeing performance differentials in my teams and peers, and discovering the key factors behind these differentials.

PERCEPTION illuminates that path. You know– the one that includes killer sales success AND personal happiness. Coming to work-invincible- and showing up in your family and key relationships at your best!

Reach out to take the next step- and don’t forget to mention the StriveNetwork to get a Free ELI Assessment and debrief- we’ll use this together to see what is in your way and talk about clearing your path forward!

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