Strive For More’s keynote talks deliver an engaging and inspirational message, helping individuals, teams, and organizations alike.

Our keynotes are designed to help

  • Organizations transcend their competition, transform their organization, and make employees flock to them.
  • Individuals be more confident, combat negativity, and overcome fear Individuals and organizations make their goals and desired future a reality.
  • Teams seamlessly work together and perform at a high level
  • Leaders build a legacy of greatness; and Healthcare facilities, providers, and practices be efficient and above board.

Read more about our keynote talks below to find the right one for you. If our keynote talks don’t quite meet your needs, give us a call and we will be more than happy to create a custom keynote talk for you which does meet your needs.

NSA Speaker Showcase 2019

Today, even more than ever, trust is absolutely paramount!  Not just trust in those we work with, but also, trust in everyone around us for our health and safety.  Take a listen to what I learned about trust in the FBI.

DisruptHR Pittsburgh 2019

Watch Steven talk about lessons he learned in the FBI every organization should know about how to NOT get CAUGHT with a bad reputation!

A Day to Elevate 2020

We ARE in control!  Even when we feel there is disorder around us and the world is full of uncertainty, we CAN control how we feel, think, and behave.  Watch Steven speak about what IS in our control during COVID-19.

Daily Live with Aaron Hunt 2020

Watch Steven talk about real tangible actions we can take to help harness a  mindset and actions which DO serve us amidst COVID-19.

Peak Energy 4 Performance Podcast 2019

Listen to Steven talk about how to maximize postive energy from your surroundings for peak performance.

Lessons from A Former FBI Agent

Every Organization Should Know

Get an exclusive look behind the veil of what it is like to be an FBI Agent and hear stories you won’t anywhere else. Former FBI Agent Steven Nathenson takes you on a secretive journey which reveals lessons every organization needs to know.

Dive deeply into your calling, learn tools of the trade to build unwavering relationships with your employees, and unleash the untapped potential of your organization. You will walk away with a game plan for transcending your competition, transforming your organization, and make employees flock to you. Let loose your inner FBI Agent and win the hearts of your employees.

Whom this talk is for

This talk is essential for any organization wanting to transcend their competition, transform their organization, and make employees flock to them.

Learning & Takeaways

  1. Your culture is defined by your calling
  2. The key to employee engagement & retention is inspiration
  3. A human approach unleashes your organization’s potential and improves your bottom line

Business areas this talk addresses

  • Talent Acquisition & Retention
  • Employee Engagement
  • Business and HR Strategy
  • Organizational Effectiveness & Development; and
  • Employee Relations.

G.R.I.T.: A Former FBI Agent's Guide to Mental Toughness

Guiding Principles for Healthier Conversations

Know Yourself, Know Your Future

Rise and Fall as One: A Former FBI Agent's Guide to Team Survival

A Former FBI Agent's Guide to Healthcare Best Practices

A Former FBI Agent's Guide for Inspiring Greatness

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