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Foundational content every leader needs to master their mindset and increase their focus, confidence, and performance while motivating others to do the same.

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The G.R.I.T.

– Give, Recognize, Implement, Time® Difference

At the very core of cultivating high performing leader’s is overcoming limiting mentalities that hold them back from performing at their best. Our signature cognitive behavioral approach of G.R.I.T. - Give, Recognize, Implement, TimeSM dives deeply into a leader’s awareness of and overcoming these mentalities so they stay focused, overcome challenges, and achieve their goals. In short, it helps them master their minds to master themselves.

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Our Leader

Do you need to provide foundational leadership training for your potential, new, and rising leaders but don’t have the internal means to do so?

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Our inaugural class kicks off in 2022!

Our Leader Institute delivers foundational education

which will help your high potential employees, new
managers, and mid to senior level managers:

“Leading with Inspiration”
A deep dive into how to inspire greatness as a leader via authenticity, emotional intelligence, transformationalism, and servanthood.

“The Art of Subtle Suggestion”
A course you won’t find anywhere else! Our signature communication style of the Art of Subtle Suggestion has successfully helped leaders in numerous organizations handle conflict, difficult conversations, and poor performance of direct reports with ease through engaging and collaborative conversations.

Engage, Inspire, Motivate, & Unite
“It is About I…and U, But Really ME”
One of the most common question rising leaders ask is “How do I motivate my employees?” This course answers this question and goes well beyond it by addressing the other hand-in-hand concepts of engagement, inspiration, and unity. Moreover, it teaches leaders how to overcome the main shortfalls of leading remote teams and the transactional interactions they cause.

G. R. I. T
“Give, Recognize, Implement, Time”
The cornerstone course of our Leader Institute. The content of this course has successfully helped leaders in numerous organizations harness the 21 key human characteristics that lead to success by creating a growth-oriented mindset, a boost in confidence, greater effectiveness, and much more to achieve the results they seek.

“The Strategic Shift”
This course gets to the heart of what switches leaders from not only thinking tactically to strategically, but also acting strategically. Specifically, how to define and communicate the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of others; create strategic visions; delegate; manage time effectively; prioritize; create boundaries; and not only how to say no, but how to do it an acceptable way.

“The Fundamentals of Coaching”
Creating a coaching culture in organization increase employee engagement, production, and … This course delivers the fundamentals leaders need to know about coaching to unlock and cultivate their direct report’s full potential.

Our G.R.I.T. - Give, Recognize, Implement, TimeSM Coaching Services go beyond our Leader Institute to truly create mindset mastery and growth through a highly personalized one-on-one focus on your needs and goals.
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The Way It Works

Our Leader Institute consists of the 6 virtually delivered foundational courses above and our G.R.I.T. - Give, Recognize, Implement, TimeSM 360. Each participant will complete the 360 at the beginning and the end of the Institute to accurately measure their growth over the 6 months.

Each course consists of 4 weekly 1-hour live group coaching sessions. Designed with adult learning theory and coaching best practices, coupled with the teaching progression of “Tell, show, do,” each course goes above and beyond your typical trainings. Not only do our courses make it easier for your leaders to truly embody what they learn, our real-world homework of applying those learnings in their current role further engrain those lessons within them. It also greatly increases the real-time impact to your organization.

All course materials will be delivered electronically to participants and stored for 6 months after the conclusion of each Leader Institute Cohort.

Creating a Network of
Support & Success

One of the most highly coveted benefits of attending a Leader Institute like ours is the network of support it creates. Each participant in our Leader Institute will be given access to a private LinkedIn group where they can connect with not only members of their own cohort, but also with members of past, present, and future cohorts. Moreover, they won’t just be connecting with leaders from their own organization, they will be connecting with leaders from organizations everywhere.

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