Have you ever found yourself saying “That was no big deal,” or “That’s just who I am,” or “That was nothing?”

We often use phrases similar to the above when we dismiss something we’ve done when someone gives us a compliment for doing it.  Sound familiar?  These are not the small things in life we discard, it is part of who we are that we discard.  And, they are important parts of ourselves.  Too often we don’t give ourselves enough credit because we are used to who we are and the way we are.  We forget the amount of time and effort we have naturally put into ourselves over the years.  It is important to recognize where we started from and how far we have come in life.  When was the last time you sat down and really looked back upon where you started?

Maybe you once felt there was no possible way out; or you could not physically run a mile; or perhaps, you constantly doubted yourself.  But now, you have completely changed your situation, you run several half marathons a year, and you have a lot of confidence in yourself.  These types of changes in life truly take time to take hold but can feel like nothing is happening because we don’t see a difference right away or even on a daily basis.  Today, we search for instant results but forget true change and development takes time.  Because of this, we again, too often dismiss and do not recognize how far we have come.

Asking ourselves the question “How am I different today than I was…” six months ago, a year ago, or even 3 years ago is a very powerful question.  It helps us recognize what steps we have taken and how far we have truly come.  Moreover, it helps us understand how far we are along our journeys to achieving the life we desire, and where we are headed.  It gives us confidence, hope, and safety in knowing what we want is possible!

We know it can be daunting and overwhelming thinking about where to start or what to do.  So, we’ve created programs for you which meets you where you are and addresses your individual needs.  Take our quick free assessment by clicking here to see how we can help you today.

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