At The Heart of Us is a philosophy of understanding and embracing not only our humanity, but the humanity of those around us and the world we live in.  Moreover, it is a philosophy of continual growth and development of our true selves.  At its core, it holds there are seven components: behavior, beliefs, communication, emotions, feelings, thoughts, and support, which affect how we interact with and interpret ourselves, others, and our environments.  Through a cycle of Activation, Awareness, Acknowledgement, Alignment, About Face, Actualization, At Peace, and Advancement, those core components are used to transform us into and embody our true selves.  A true self which is defined by six character traits, the tenets of At The Heart of Us: mindfulness, authenticity, transformationalism, uniqueness, empathetic compassion, and integral honesty.

The stages of At The Heart of Us form a continual cycle which progresses ourselves, through a transformative process, to embody our true selves and be at peace with who we’ve become; while being open to our further growth in life.

The Tenets of At The Heart of Us are six character traits of our true selves which are developed within us as we undergo the transformative process of embodying our true selves.


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