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Do these words sound familiar?


“I NEED,” two incredibly serving words when we talk about what we, as human beings, require to be fulfilled, be happy, and ensure our well-being; however, these very same words can be quite dangerous when they become our main focus in conversations.

For example, as an entrepreneur or salesperson, these words are often our main focus in conversations with potential clients.  The thought of “I NEED to get clients!” repeats itself over and over again, dictating how we communicate.  With this thought running through our heads, we can actually come across in the exact way we don’t want to, turn-off the individual we are speaking to, and not get them as a client.  In short, we create the outcome we are seeking to avoid because we are focused solely on what we need versus what our potential client needs.  This doesn’t just hold true for entrepreneurs and salespersons, it holds true for all of us in any conversation!

A small shift in perspective leads to a large tangible impact!  Take the quote below for example; a perfect illustration of how our perspective dictates what we focus on.

“The optimist sees the donut, the pessimist sees the hole.”

—Oscar Wilde

If we shift our perspective away from us to the collective whole, we WILL truly create what we seek!  In other words, instead of focusing on what “I NEED” in conversation, focusing on “What WE NEED” WILL lead to what “I NEED.”  This small shift in perspective creates a large tangible impact upon us AND the person we are communicating with!  It allows us to achieve what we need, as well as, what the other person we are communicating with needs – a win win!

When we focus on what the collective “we” needs, we automatically shift our attention onto the other person and the collective goals of the conversations, rather than just ours.  This naturally shifts our tone, use of language, and body language.  It creates a more open, engaging, and collaborative conversation than focusing on what “I NEED” does.  Give it a try in your next difficult conversation and see what happens.  I guarantee you’ll be presently surprised how well the conversation goes.

The perspective we choose to embody IS and WILL ALWAYS be up to us!  We ARE capable of achieving the results we want!  A small shift in perspective leads to large tangible impact!

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