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We help leaders communicate effectively and master their mindset to increase their focus, confidence, and performance while motivating others to do the same. Founded by Steven Nathenson, a Leadership & Executive Coach and former FBI Special Agent, our proven training and coaching programs help leaders and their teams thrive while overcoming challenges and achieving ambitious results.

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High Performing Leaders Are Born from the Ability


The ability to inspire others to be a part of something greater than themselves.” At the heart of which is being authentic, emotionally intelligent, transformational, and serving those we lead.


Our experiences define who we are, and our mentality dictates the lessons we learn from them. When we are growth oriented, we not only believe what we want is possible, we are also driven to make it happen and embrace we CAN control our destinies. A mentality which also reduces stress while increasing performance, resilience, & well-being.


The lifeblood of successful organizations and strong relationships. Our signature communication style of the Art of Subtle Suggestion helps leaders talk WITH people instead of AT them–creating stronger, more collaborative, and highly engaging conversations that increase motivation and performance.

Think & Act Strategically

Strategy drives vision, vision drives action, and action leads to success! At the core of our ability to strategize successfully is defining the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of others; delegating; managing time effectively; and prioritizing.

Engage, Inspire, Motivate, & Unite

We perform at our best when we know the “why” behind our actions and the purpose they serve. Actively engaged, inspired, motivated, and united individuals perform at a high level and drive success.


The ability to unlock and cultivate people’s full potential. High performing leaders lift those they lead to greatness through developing, empowering, and growing them.


In the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, & the United Kingdom.

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We help leaders cultivate mastery by:


Our G.R.I.T. – Give, Recognize, Implement, Time® coaching consists of highly personalized one on one sessions that dive deeply into a leader’s individuals needs to reach and maintain their greatest potential.


Foundational courses for unlocking your leaders’ full potential.
Delivered through group coaching sessions, our institute courses go beyond typical workshops and trainings by truly engraining
immediately actionable lessons within your leaders that can be implemented today!


Engaging keynotes that leave your leaders wanting more and with tangible actions they can leverage right now to perform better!

What our clients say about how we have served them and how we can serve you too!


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