Have you ever done something you immediately regret, such as eating an entire bag of potato chips while watching tv, or wasting hours searching the internet instead of running errands you now have to cram into half the time and a lot of traffic?  How we behave can have a great baring on us; especially when our behavior keeps us from achieving the goals we desire.

The first step towards changing our behavior which hinders us is becoming aware of it.  Sometimes it can be obvious, for instance “I know I waste way too much time on social media and watching YouTube.”  But sometimes, it may not be that obvious, for instance it may take a friend pointing out to you that you change the subject every time someone talks about healthier eating habits.  Either way, becoming aware that we engage in these behaviors helps us understand when we engage in these behaviors and how they affect us.

Once we understand these behaviors, we can explore if they are helpful or a hinderance towards the goals we have for ourselves, such as loosing a couple of pounds.  Loosing weight can happen from eating less calories than you use in a day, burning more calories in a day through exercise than you eat, or a combination of both.  Our behaviors above of eating an entire bag of potato chips and changing the subject when anyone talks about healthier eating habits are a hinderance towards our goal of losing weight.  Additionally, the time we spend searching the internet is time we could spend more actively to burn more calories.  Keeping our goal in mind when we assess our behaviors helps us recognize the behaviors we wish to change and the steps we can take to start creating that change.

Change takes time!  Starting with small modification to our behaviors, which create small wins, gives us a hope and experiences which motivate us towards our goal because we know it is possible to achieve it!  What behaviors do you notice which prevent you from achieving what you desire?  What small steps can you take to start changing these behaviors?

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