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Do you find yourself doing something over and over again that you don’t want to happen, asking “Why do I keep doing this?”

Or, perhaps, you get upset at yourself for doing something you believe you shouldn’t, such as having one more cookie before bed?

If you do, that’s okay!!!  It means you’re a human being!  And, the last time I checked, that’s a good thing!!!

It’s often said that we are our own harshest critics.  And very often, that is true!  We are quite hard on ourselves but, does that truly serve us?  When we feel like there is a part of us that should not exist or should not happen, we actually create a compounding impact on us, and not one for the better.

When we find ourselves in the situations above of having one more cookie or questioning why we continually do something, we’re already upset for having done it.  When we believe we should not be that way or it should not have happened, we add another layer of anger on top if it – compounding our anger.  This anger further buries us under non-serving thoughts and feelings; nonetheless, there is a way out from underneath them…


Self-forgiveness means absolving ourselves of guilt we feel for being who we are.  In other words, embracing who we are, allowing it to come forth, and acknowledging that it is okay!  By forgiving ourselves, we accept ourselves and can more easily move out of what does not serve us into what does during times the like above.

Each and every one of us has serving (“positive”) and non-serving (“negative”) parts to us that play out in our actions, feelings, and thoughts.  It’s naturally who we are and something to be embraced.  Denying part of who we are increases our stress, anxiety, and lack of fulfillment.  However, when we give ourselves permission to forgive ourselves, we lessen our stress, reduce physical tension in our body, and open up a whole new world of possibilities because we openly embrace what makes us us!

When I find myself waning into the non-serving, I don’t try to deny it; rather, I embrace that it is happening, accept it, and recognize that I have a choice in that moment to either let it consume me or, leverage what does serve me and WILL move me out of it.  That acceptance and choice is one we all have!

Are you ready to forgive yourself and embrace who you are?  The strength to do so is already within you.  Reach within and let it out!

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