Do you want your cake and to be able to eat it too? If you do, you’re in luck! We are capable of eating food we like AND being healthy! The word “diet” has a bad reputation today because we typically associate it with restricting the food we eat or type of energy source, i.e., carbs or fats, and eating food we don’t like; However, the word “diet” literally refers to what we eat every day regardless of the approach we have to it and the restriction we impose. Moreover, “fad diets” typically create too many changes at once and do not address any underlying thoughts and beliefs which stand in our way of making the changes we want. To truly create the success we seek with our eating, taking small steps towards a larger goal, making changes that are right for you, and getting the appropriate encouragement and support are crucial AND possible! Eating the way we want to achieve the results we seek IS possible, and sustainable for life, not just the short term!

Two incredible and inspiring woman I know who CAN & DO help people improve their health and eating are Lori Sawyer and Caren Boscaino, Creators of Clean Cut Fitness & Nutrition.

Lori Sawyer & Caren Boscaino

Clean Cut Fitness & Nutrition was founded by 2 moms from NJ.  As training moms coming back from having babies, they discovered extreme nutrition programs, yo yo diets and a lot of lost mammas!  So they decided to figure out a way to have their coffee, cream, butter, tequila, bacon and wine, and still lose weight!

They have created a clean eating give and take program that not only works, but can be maintained long term.  Their approach to clean foods, combined with education has been a huge hit with moms all over the country.  

They are now virtually based and their programs can be done anywhere in the world! 

Their first book, Shrink Your Body, Grow Your Mind is now on amazon.  They have been seen on The Joe Piscopo show and Liquid Lunch With John Tobacco.

As a free gift to you, Lori and Caren would like to give you 3 free Clean Cut immune boosting recipes by clicking here.

Check Out Lori, Caren & Clean Cut Fitness & Nutrition Now!

The energy, approach, and experience these two bring every day is awesome!  They like having their cake and eating it too, and can truly help you do the same!

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