Our feelings are a fundamental part of who we are.  They can lift us up and propel us to great heights, or they can drag us down and keep us in despair.  The choice, however, is ours!  Believe it or not, we are capable of choosing how our feelings affect us.

Our minds and bodies seamlessly interpret the world around us at every moment of every day, generating how we feel.  These feelings are natural and should be embraced!  Even if … especially if … they are negative feelings.

Our choice of how our feelings affect us comes from gaining awareness of our feelings, acknowledging them, and actively deciding to let them serve us instead of letting them monopolize us.

When we are faced with feelings which negatively impact us, such as despair and anxiety, it can appear as if we are drowning in them and there is no way out.  We simply can’t see past them.  But there is a way, and we can break free from them.

The first step is being aware of how we feel.  This means allowing our feelings to come forth instead of disregarding them.  Once they come forward, we can acknowledge them and embrace that this is how we feel in this moment.  And once we have embraced that we are feeling this way, we can then actively decide if we are going to continue feeling this way or if we are going to take action to feel in a way which serves us and helps us move forward.

When we make our choice to move forward, we take action to embody the opposing feeling of the negative feeling we are experiencing.  Every feeling does have an opposite!  Despair is opposed by hope and anxiety is opposed by calmness.  Knowing our positive opposing feelings to our negatives ones greatly helps us overcome our negative feelings.

What negative feelings are you currently experiencing and what are their opposites?  What activities, music, scents, images, thoughts, etc. makes you feel these opposing feelings?  Use these to help you embody your opposing positive feeling, propelling yourself forward.

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