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Inspiring Others Starts with Being Inspired Ourselves

One of my fellow FBI agents once told me they pictured me leaving our office every night, walking down the stairs outside of our building, turning around to look at the American flag which stood outside of it, and say “You’re welcome America!” before I went home....

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Seizing the Moment

There are certain moments in an athlete’s life which they will remember forever or be haunted by forever.  On February 21, 2018 Jessie Diggins, a United States Olympic cross-country skier, was faced with such a moment.  She and teammate Kikkan Randall were...

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One Simple Act

How can one moment have such a lasting effect? Did the head of my office do anything extraordinary, magical, or earth shattering? No. All they did was be a human being and let me see it.

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How Small Wins Create the Foundation of Success

The primary source for our belief in our abilities comes from our experiences. The greater the amount of experience we have in achieving what we set out to do, the greater the belief in ourselves to do it becomes. Building our list of experiences of small wins helps build our belief in ourselves.

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The Power of Mindset

We are continuously presented with a choice to either let negativity monopolize us or let positivity guide us forward. The power of our minds can truly take us to new heights. The choice is always there, and it is always ours!

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Looking Back.

Asking ourselves the question “How am I different today than I was…” six months ago, a year ago, or even 3 years ago is a very powerful question. It helps us recognize what steps we have taken and how far we have truly come.

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Why having a vision leads to success.

No matter where you are regarding your vision, having one will help focus and motivate you. Especially if you have it committed to a visual you see every day, carry with you, or can be easily accessed.

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How do I figure out what I want in life?

In life, it is often easier to describe what we don’t want rather than what we do want.  How often do you find yourself thinking negatively rather than positively? Did you know it is estimated there are approximately three times as many words in the English language...

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